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How To Find Work At A Job Fair

On page 2 of our Job Search Guide we introduced 11 ways to find great jobs.

Here we show you how to maximize your job search opportunities by attending job or career fairs:

Finding Work At A Job Fair

Although jobseekers don't tend to think of job or career fairs as a good way of finding work, Career Journal reported that over 70% of HR departments rely on job or career fairs to recruit employees. It’s therefore a good addition to your job search portfolio.

Why Are Career Fairs So Good?

Here are some of the many benefits of visiting career fairs:

  • Employers will have detailed information about current and future job opportunities and will have people on hand to answer any initial questions
  • As well as providing specific company information, they can be a great source of general industry information
  • Career fairs are an excellent opportunity to expand your 'network' of personal contacts. You can use these contacts in the future to expand your career
  • Some companies offer initial interviews or at least the opportunity to practice your interview skills. Alternatively, there’s sometimes a stall set up by the organizer for this purpose
  • As well as job information, details about training opportunities are usually on hand
  • It's the only method of gathering information about a range of companies all in one place (one-stop-job-shopping)!

How Do I Find Out About Career Fairs?

Job or career fairs are usually advertised:

  • In schools/colleges and universities
  • In local/national newspapers
  • On the Internet -– set up an alert for yourself
  • At employment or job centers

Do You Have Tips For Finding A Job?

Are There Other Job Search Methods?


There is another job search method not often used but very good -- it's called the Direct or Speculative Approach. Read about job searching through speculative approaches here.

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