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Job Fairs - Making Them 
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Although job fairs aren't the first things that spring to mind when you're thinking about finding work, a SHRM/Career Journal Survey found that over 70% of human resource departments who responded use job or career fairs to recruit employees.

In fact, we've used careers fairs to find employees for our own companies as well as find jobs ourselves!

Given this, we think it's a good addition to your job search portfolio. Here's some advice to help you make the most of them.

What's So Good About Job Fairs?

There are many benefits of visiting career fairs. Here are some:

  • They are an excellent source of general job industry information as well as specific company information
  • Information on current and future employment opportunities is readily available, as are people to answer your questions about these openings
  • They provide excellent opportunities to expand your network of contacts
  • Some also offer chances to perfect your interview skills
  • Information about training opportunities is usually on hand
  • It's the only way to gather information about a wide range of companies all in one place (one-stop-job-shopping)!

How Do I Find Out About Job Fairs?

Upcoming career fairs are usually advertised:

  • In schools and colleges/universities
  • In local (and sometimes national) newspapers
  • On the Internet
  • At job or employment centers

7 Top Tips For Job Fair Success

  • Wear proper interview clothes. Career fairs are like job interviews, so make sure you dress smartly and professionally, as you would for a job interview
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Queues can be long as the day progresses and you should expect to wait at most stalls. Wear smart, used footwear
  • Bring copies of your CV or resume to give to companies who you are interested in joining
  • Take a briefcase or folder to keep these in and to hold company literature you pick up
  • Prepare and rehearse a short summary of your CV or resume so you can introduce yourself positively to employers who ask what they can do for you
  • Arrive early. Career fairs get busy so make sure you arrive early to park and find time to get familiar with the fair layout. Often you have to register too
  • Be assertive and show initiative. Offer your hand and give your name to recruiters when you reach their stall. Act interested in the Company and their job opportunities

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