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Here are 5 Job Guides, guaranteed to help you land your dream job.

Each Guide is written in simple, plain language and all have examples so you can see how to put the theory into practice.

And if you don't have much time on your computer or would rather read the Guides on paper, simply download them and print them at your leisure.

Who wrote these Guides? Led by a recruiter and interviewer with over 20 years experience, a group of professionals who read cover letters, job application forms, CVs and resumes each day wrote these guides. We interview nearly as often so have a lot of experience to share with you to help you land your dream job -- it's all in the job guides below.

How To Write Great
Cover Letters<

  1. Introduction to cover letters for job interview

  2. What to say in your resume cover letter

  3. Cover letter help in response to advertisements

  4. Speculative covering letters

  5. How to set out speculative cover letters

  6. How to begin speculative cover letters

  7. Networking resume cover letters

  8. 4 cover letter resume templates

How To Write Great
Resumes And CVs

  1. Why you need help building a resume or CV

  2. The importance of CV and resume preparation

  3. Help creating a great resume Work History

  4. How to write a great CV or resume Objective

  5. How to build a resume with Keywords

  6. Help creating great CV or resume Content

  7. CV and resumes formats

  8. 4 CV and resumes examples and even more help!

How To Job Search

  1. General job search tips

  2. Where to find 80% more

  3. Job hunting with recruitment agencies

  4. Pros and cons of using employment agencies

  5. Networking as a job search tool

  6. Job fair opportunities

  7. Speculative job searching

  8. More job search advice and
    30 Top Tips!

How To Write Winning
Job Applications

  1. Why you need help writing job applications

  2. What to do before completing job application forms

  3. How to fill out a job application form

  4. Help completing the 'hard' parts of job applications

  5. Other tips when filling out job applications

  6. A radical job application tip -- that works!

  7. How to present a good job application

  8. 8 more job application tips and a real-life example to follow

How To Win At Interviews

  1. Understanding the different types of job interview

  2. Group job interviews and questions

  3. Second job interviews and third and fourth!

  4. How to prepare for interview

  5. The importance of good job interview dressing

  6. Top Tips for a great job interview

  7. How to answer job interview questions

  8. 54 interview questions and answers and tons more job interview advice

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