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Job Interview Answers To 38 Common Questions

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Here we give answers to interview questions about Management and Supervision.

Job Interview Answers To Questions About Management/Supervision

  • How would you approach a typical project?
    If you're applying for a project based job, such as a project manager, you will be asked this job interview question. Don't give a long winded answer, but try to demonstrate that you would take into account the main components of effective project planning such as:
    - Planning the schedule backwards from completion
    - Working out what you need to get the job done effectively and on time
    - Budgeting -- costs, time and resources
    - Allowing a contingency
  • How would you get the best from people?
    If you are applying for any management role, it is highly likely you'll be asked this job interview question. The kind of skills that we'd be looking for in a good applicant are:
    - Good communication
    - Teamwork skills
    - Recognizing what each person can bring
    - Setting a good example
    - Praising good performances
  • Give us an example of how you have resolved conflict.
    As this is a behavioural interview question, you need to find an example of conflict that you have resolved. The sort of skills you need to demonstrate in your interview answer are:
    - Fairness
    - Discussing problems with individuals in private
    - Making sure you get to the root of the problem
    - Finding a solution that everyone will accept
  • What did you look for when you hired people in the past?
    This is a general question. Don't think about specific skills of the job you are applying for. Think generally about the key attributes everyone looks for in a good applicant. Among others, these include:
    - Aptitude
    - Skills
    - Initiative
    - Flexibility
    - Commitment

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