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An Independent Review of the "Complete Interview Guide"

The "Complete Interview Guide" is one of the most popular job interview books on the net and was recently rated 5 stars stars by the ReviewPlace.com.

Our reviewers have thoroughly examined and checked all the services offered by The Complete Interview Guide and are fully satisfied with their full range of services. It is the number one website for anyone who wants not only the knowledge and the questions about job interviews but also the most intelligent answers," said Andy West, of Review Place.

But as with all our recommendations, we bought a copy of the Guide ourselves. We wanted to be sure it lived up to our expectations. Here's our review of this popular job interview book.

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What We Look For In Job Interview Books

Good job interview books should:

Be written by actual recruiters/interviewers - people 'in the know'

Be easy to read, understand and apply

Contain example job interview questions and answers, not just advice

Represent good value for money

Carry a money-back guarantee if you're not happy

We're pleased to say the "Complete Guide" job interview book ticks all these boxes and more.

About The Authors

The "Complete Interview Guide" is written by Matt & Nan DeLuca, authors of the best selling "Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions" and "More Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions" (top selling job interview books on Amazon.com).

"We can help you ace virtually any job interview you get, without stumbling, stammering, or being stumped by offbeat interview questions. We can help you learn how to master job interview skills in rapid speed time, and instead of having job interview jitters, you can look forward to the job interview without having to worry about the competition," said Matt DeLuca, author of The Complete Interview Guide.

Full Book Review

Buy the "Complete Interview Guide" and you'll receive 4 separate job interview books for under $30. And if, within 18 months, you want the latest versions, just email the authors, Matt and Nan and they'll send you the latest editions of the job interview books, free.

Here's our review of each of the 4 books:

Job Interview Book 1 ~ The Interview Guide (22 pages)

Here's where you'll find the 7 Step Interview Success Plan. The Interview Success Plan is a step-by-step plan to help you:

  • Identify the job interview questions you're most likely to be asked
  • Develop answers for both expected and unexpected questions
  • Create practice job interviews
  • Learn "what you say"
  • Learn "how you say it"

The book begins with advice on researching the job and the company and understanding your own circumstances and what interview questions all this may throw up.

It helps you identify the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) needed for the role and identify potential interview questions in 5 easy steps. It goes on to give advice on answering these interview questions and throws in success words and phrases you can use to demonstrate your competence and confidence - great for beating the competition.

Step 5 helps you create a set of custom practice interviews and recommends you do at least 3. To help you, Matt and Nan give 3 example practice interviews comprising 8-10 questions each.

There's even advice on how to do everything you need in only 24 hrs, great if you're short of time.

Finally, on pages 21 and 22, Matt and Nan share 50 good interview questions to ask your interviewers - something many candidates forget.

Job Interview Book 2 ~ Toughest Interview Situations (31 pages)

In this job interview book you're find 73 real life situations sent to Matt and Nan and their team of experts by jobseekers looking for advice when dealing with tough interview situations. The 73 real life situations are split into 28 sections, covering such areas as changing careers, dealing with questions about your criminal record, advice on following-up on an interview, discussing your salary in the interview and so on.

For example, under the section titled Changing Jobs, Matt and Nan deal with 6 tricky job interview questions about why you're changing jobs or career such as "How do I answer when asked why I left my previous job?". Under the section titled "Termination", Matt and Nan tackle the sensitive issue of talking about being fired from a previous role, or not kept on following a probationary period.

It's great to have some expert advice on these tricky interview situations, together with example answers. If your competition hasn't given this any thought, you're already one step ahead!

Job Interview Book 3 ~ Interview Question Bank (28 pages)

To begin with, Matt and Nan identify 44 keywords that are used most widely in job advertisements. To help you, they list possible job interview questions under each one:

Examples include:

  • Attitude
  • Change
  • Decision-making
  • Integrity
  • Organization
  • Reliability
  • Stress
  • Team working

For each they give you answer points to consider when giving your answer. This helps focus your answer on the specific things your interviewers are after in your reply.

Job Interview Book 4 ~ Toughest Interview Questions (24 pages)

This job interview book gives you answers and strategy for over 120 of the toughest job interview questions and most frequently asked follow-up questions.

Firstly, they give an example so you can see how the questions and sample answers are laid out. In the example, they list 4 questions, give some guidance and then give 2 sample interview answers. Then there are 2 follow-up questions, some guidance and another sample interview answer.

The questions cover such areas as:

  • Your long term career plans
  • How you deal with difficult people
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your influencing skills
  • Your motivation and so on

Read the advice and examples here and you can't fail to impress your interviewers.


For less than $30 and with a 60-day money back guarantee, the "Complete Interview Guide" really is great value for money. These four job interview books are written by people 'in the know', recruiters and interviewers with over 20 years experience and are easy to read, understand and apply. Plus you can download them instantly and get to work on perfecting your job interview right away.

If you like images and design features, you may find the layout a little dull but the content more than makes up for this downside.

Try it out. You've nothing to lose. If it's not right for you, Matt and Nan will happily refund your money. But we're confident it's a good buy. We wouldn't recommend it otherwise.

Read more about the "Complete Interview Guide" here

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