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Job Interview Expenses Explained

So you've been offered an interview for your ideal job -- Great News!

You eagerly type the zip or postcode into your routefinder.

It's a long way and oh no, the Company won't reimburse your interview expenses.

So what do you do?

While it used to be norm for employers to pay job interview costs, a large and growing number are declining to pay these expenses, mostly in an effort to keep recruitment costs low.

But with fuel and public transport costs rising, you might question whether it's worth going to the job interview at all.

Job Interview Expenses -- Things To Consider

  • Find out what the employer's position is on interview expenses
  • If they don't mention it in their letter or company literature, call them and ask. It's usually the HR Department who'll give the answer so don't worry about losing brownie points with the interviewers.
  • If their policy is not to pay costs, ask them if they are able to make exceptions in certain cases. Some do and yours might fit.
  • If they won't pay and you know you can't afford the cost of the trip to a first interview, ask the employer if it's possible to do a phone interview instead.
  • But, at the end of the day, it's your call. If you get the job, you're unlikely to be bothered about any interview expenses. It will be money well spent!

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