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Job Interview Questions To Ask
These Are The Bad Ones!

Are there "bad" questions to ask at your job interview?     Yes.

Most job interview guides tell you there are some definite rules around what questions to ask and what NOT to ask during your job interview!

This is true.

Remember that you want to create a positive impression and not give your interviewers any reason NOT to hire you.

Minor details can always be ironed out if you are offered the job.

Bad Job Interview Questions To Ask

You should NOT ask questions about:

  • Notice periods (we've been asked this, honestly)
  • Taking time off
  • Sick pay
  • Any other company policies which indicate a lack of commitment on your part

If in doubt, only ask questions which affect your decision to take the job.

Avoid all others.

If they are not important enough to influence your decision to take the job or not, save them till you've started working.

Focus instead on the good questions to ask at interview.

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