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Top Answers To Job Interview Strengths
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In our introduction to job interview strength and weakness questions we promised you some example answers to questions about your strengths.

Read through the examples we give and relate them to the job for which you're applying.

Job Interview Strengths

Remember that we, as interviewers, are looking for strengths which match the requirements of the job. These requirements were listed in the job advert so they're no great mystery.

Most interviewers will bring a list of these requirements to the interview and tick your answers off against them. Here's a simple example.

Let's say the job you're applying for is a store salesperson. The advert might say:

    "We are looking for someone with 2-3 years sales experience, who can mix well with all sorts of customers. A smart appearance is expected".

When asked about your strengths, focus on these very words. In fact, use them. Refer to your experience in sales and your personal characteristics of friendliness and smartness.

You might say:

    "I've worked in sales for 3 years so I have the experience you're looking for. I'm outgoing and find it easy to mix with all sorts of customers and believe it's really important to look smart and professional at all times."

Here's a more thorough example.

Let's say the job is for an IT engineer. You know the job involves fixing computer faults in the office and that you'll be interacting with many different people. Also that productivity and quality are measured closely. While preparing for your interview you also found out that most of the existing team are young and lack experience.

When the interviewer says, "please describe your strengths" a good answer might go something like this:

    "I've been fixing office computer faults for 7 years so technically I'm ready to start the job straight away. In fact I've trained others in my current role and am happy to do the same here. I'm outgoing and enjoy interacting with different people at different levels. I have an excellent eye for detail and work fast and accurately. In my current job, I've had the highest productivity for 3 months"

If, like us, the interviewers have a 'checklist' of what they are looking for, you may just have ticked them all!

Although we can't provide an answer for every job interview strengths question, we hope this shows you what good answers look like.

What About 'Weakness' Interview Questions?

We've covered answers to job interview strength questions.

Here are some example answers to questions about weaknesses in job interviews.

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