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  • Tell me about yourself

Ok, so this seems quite a straightforward job interview question. However, it may not be clear what, in particular, the interviewers are looking for you to speak about.

Do they want to know about your career so far, about your hobbies or family life?

If in doubt, ASK them to clarify what they wish you to talk about. Then give a short factual answer, ending with "is there anything else you'd like to know about me?"

  • How would you describe yourself?

Try to think about what the interviewers are looking for and keep this in mind as you answer interview questions. Remember the job advert? Were they looking for initiative, a good communicator, someone with good attention to detail? Describe yourself in these terms.

Start with "I am.." and not with "I think..." or "I believe.." so that you sound self aware and confident.

  • How would your boss describe you?

If you get the job, your interviewer may be your future boss so you need to answer this question carefully. Describe yourself as any boss would want to see you. You might say:

    "My boss would describe me as hard working, loyal, friendly and committed. He would say that I work well on my own initiative and deliver what he wants on time and to a high standard".

Again, don’t use the term “I think my boss would say..” as it gives an element of doubt. Be positive and certain with the interview answer you give.

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