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Top Job Search Tips fromActual Recruiters

If you're looking for job search tips, you're in the right place. This is the start of our How To Find Great Jobs Guide.

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Job search tips
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Job Search Tips -- Introduction

Approaching your job search in the right way can reap significant benefits, not only in finding jobs, but also in winning them.

Although many people put time and effort into writing a good cover letter and building a resume or CV, many plough into their job search without proper thought and the right planning.

Those who succeed in finding good jobs often do so by chance, but chance is not something you want to rely on. Far better to stack the odds of finding the right job in your favor by following our job search tips and having a considered job search strategy. That way you target the right jobs with the highest chances of success.

Job search tip 1 -- Begin by getting pen and paper and identify your wants, needs and abilities by answering these questions:

  • What is it that I would like to do for a living? What are my interests, passions?
  • What can I do for a living? Where does my knowledge and experience take me? Where can I use my skills, abilities, qualifications and attributes well?
  • What are the practical considerations? How much do I need to earn to live? How far away can I work? What hours do I need? etc...

This gives you a job search profile.

Do this first because when you begin your job search it helps focus your mind on what's important for you and prevents you from getting distracted by other interesting opportunities that may offer you less chance of success.

You will still get rejections and it's important to expect and be prepared for these. But if you focus your efforts only on the jobs that directly match your job search profile, you will make better job applications and get less rejections.

Job Search Tips -- Get Yourself Ready

Follow these 3 job search tips and kick-start your job hunt:

  • Have a system so you can organize your job search. How you do this is up to you but make sure you can easily follow your progress. Some people are happy with a notebook. Others prefer ring binders with dividers.
  • Keep a diary showing the tasks you did today and a to-do-list for tasks you still need to carry out
  • Track each job application you make. For each:
    • Keep a copy of the advert
    • Keep a copy of your response, such as cover letters, resumes, CVs or job application forms
    • Make a note of the date you replied
    • Write down who you sent your application to, including phone numbers and addresses
    • Put a diary note of when to follow up. If youÂ’ve not heard after a week or so, make a call to ensure your application has been received
    • Make a note of all conversations with potential employers such as the name of the person you spoke to, the date and the content of the conversation
    • Keep all correspondence to and from each Company/organisation

Job Search Tips -- Where To Look

You may think this is a no-brainer but there are more places (and ways) to find jobs than people think!

In fact, with 80% of vacancies not advertised it pays to know where to find the best jobs.

Job Search Tips

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