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Job Search Tools To Find 80% More Jobs

On the first page of our Job Search Guide we said that up to 80% of jobs aren't advertised.

Here's one way to find out about them:

Other Job Search Tools -- Networking

Few jobseekers use it but "networking" is one of the best ways to find "hidden" job opportunities. It's simply about using personal contacts you've built up to find out about non-advertised jobs.

We've already said that up to 80% of jobs aren't advertised so having somebody on the inside who knows about vacancies can give you a real edge. As they say, "it's not what you know but who you know".

To use this job search tool and be an effective 'networker' you must be professional, friendly and yet subtle in your approach. If you express yourself well, people will want to help you and this can be a real advantage in a competitive job market.

How To Build Up Contacts

If you don't already have some good contacts or need more, here's our advice:

  • Attend job fairs or trade exhibitions. You will meet representatives from companies and will have opportunities to ask questions and create an initial impression. Ask for business cards and permission to contact the person later on. These¬ís more about job fairs later on.
  • Ask colleagues or friends to introduce you to others they work with, by attending social or business events for example.
  • Do some research locally to see if they are any business groups which meet regularly such as breakfast clubs. You can build some good contacts and many people find new jobs through these kinds of business clubs.
  • Don't restrict your search for contacts to people in your field of work or those who you think can help you directly. Remember that people know people and making a good contact with A, who knows B, might work in your favour if it's B's Company you want to join. It's fair to say that everyone you meet is a potential contact or connected to a potential contact so spread your net wide.
  • Make sure and let everybody know you are looking for work -- that way people will be on the look out for you. Create a contact list and include everybody you can think of such as neighbors, friends and colleagues.
  • Be proactive in developing and maintaining this job search tool. People are more likely to help you if you've been in contact with them a few times than if you haven't seen or spoken to them in years.

How To Approach Contacts

Now it's time to put your contacts to good use!

Download this Guide and learn 7 Top Tips for approaching contacts and receive an example networking letter you can copy.

Are There Other Job Search Tools?

Yes -- there are many other job search tools.

Here's advice on visiting a career or job fair to find work.

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