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A Job Application GuideThat Wins Interviews

These pages show you how to complete the section of your job application form which asks you to explain, in your own words, why you want the job.

In our general employment application guidelines we told you there were 2 steps to writing a good answer to this question. This page covers Step 2.

Step 1 of our application guide is here if you missed it.

Job Application Guide Step 2 -- Decide How To Present Your Answer

  • Language

Use Plain English on your employment application form. Don't flower-up your language unnecessarily.

A job application form flows, and is so much easier to read, when it's written in simple terms. Our sample job application form gives you the right idea.

  • Length

If the job application form doesn't give you enough room in the "Why do you want the job" section, write (type is better) your answer on a separate sheet and attach it to the application form.

But don't write an essay. One page of A4 is enough. More than this and interviewers tend to get bored, especially if they have 30+ job application forms to read.

  • Bullets and Spaces etc..

Break your text up with bullets where appropriate, like lists.

Break your text into small paragraphs. It's easier on the eye.

If you follow this guide and the example job application form we give next, your job application will stand out! It will mirror the job criteria perfectly, look professional, be easy to read and convincing.

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