Attention Jobseeker: Is this the best you can do?...


"Excellent People Skills..."


"Team Player..."

These LAME resume killers will NOT get you the job you 

NEED to get living the LIFE you dream about!

Learn what is holding you back from that AMAZING job

and a life of financial freedom.

From the desk of: Catherine Jones, Recruitment Expert 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dear Job Seeker,

Quit "duking-it-out" in this mosh-pit of a job market. There are 15 million jobless folks all desperately grabbing at "whatever" jobs like straws in a child's game. Learn these simple career-getting secrets others use, so you can position yourself for the top jobs, best perks, and superstar paychecks time and again...

  • Make the right "sales pitch" to recruiters and interviewers
  • Write a fool-proof dream job cover letter (regardless of your writing skills...)
  • and Master easy principles of persuasion that make you irresistible in any job interview.. (use these in other areas of your life, as well)


In order to live the life of financial freedom you imagine for yourself and your family, you need THE JOB to go with it. If you're waiting to win the lottery you'll wait a mighty long time. Get in line...

*15.1 million unemployed, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US.

*17%+ of currently employed workers "'just in case' job searching," reports

You don't have to compete with all these desperate folks...

"The sky is NOT falling!"

And if you've been duped and de-railed by the "sky is falling" employment headlines dished by cash-ailing media markets, here's the real deal:

Despite the economic crisis, many employers in many industries have jobs available but they are unable to find qualified candidates!

Could it be that your so-so resume has landed at the bottom of a stack of "unqualified" prospects, even if you have the necessary qualifications? Or that your attempts to "showcase" your skills are so misguided by today's standards that a recruiter never reads past your NAME on your resume? And how out-of-whack could your cover letter be?

Did you know there are tested and proven success formulas for landing that great job?

It's true! And it's likely you know precious few of them. I don't care how many "tip lists" you've stumbled across on Monster or Career Builder. I did a brain-dump of every proven success "secret" I have learned from my years as a professional recruiter, and I asked the same of my staff - "spill the beans", I told them. Then, as if that wasn't enough, I drained the brains of some of the most successful job recruiters in my rolodex and wrote down every word they shared with me.

What did we come up with? FORMULAS... a SUCCESS SYSTEM for landing the "Dream Job." 

Find Out What THEY Didn't Want Me To Tell

You... Secrets of the Recruitment Experts

This new 143-page e-book, You're Hired! - The Complete Guide To Land Your Dream Job, includes every proven strategy for successfully landing an amazing job - all of them stolen from expert recruiters' "play books". Many of these tricks and tactics you've never seen before. They are the secrets pro recruiters have been closely guarding... until now.

Finally, get the facts so you can connect the dots between your job and your life:

Landing the job LIFE you really want is about nailing these simple-to-use formulas that win you the cream of the crop job - this isn't rocket science!

Implement advanced and proven resume/CV writing formulas, including a small arsenal of recruiters' samples and templates - yours for "stealing"

Prospect jobs even in a "dead" market - SIX proven, but rarely used methods for prospecting jobs when the market seems to have gone "dry". Get interviews, get call-backs

Identify the THREE main types of job interviews and why they are used: know immediately where you stand among competitors and learn how to persuasively tip the scales in your favor!

Learn targeted tactics for handling the "free format" section of any job application

Anticipate the ELEVEN types of questions interviewers typically ask you during job interviews. Understand the strategies behind them, then masterfully handle each one. Questions about: Your ambitions, your supervisory skills and methods (do they get results, build consensus, etc?), your accomplishments to date (most job seekers seem taken completely by surprise on this last one.. over and over, interview after interview - hint: it's mission-critical)

"Ace" these EIGHT types of interview tests - psychometric, personality, math, logic, and more

Influence the "final decision" in any job - "close the deal" with these TWO simple and forgotten follow-up strategies

"Swipe" collections of the recruiting experts, including: sample cover letters, sample resumes, CV templates, and a step-by-step guide to constructing all for maximum power and persuasion

Plus these "bonus" insider secrets:

Why the "news" about the "closed" job market is WRONG: crack the code on this elusive 80% share that other job seekers are missing; puts you way ahead of the pack (p. 15)

THREE big questions you must ask during the interview - and the FOUR you must avoid at all costs (p. 130)

Why the cover letter is THE most important component, above resume or CV; get the tips for writing it right, even if your writing skills stink (p. 50)

How one simple Marketing/Sales principle will push your resume to the top of the heap all the time (p. 48)

Why you have 10 to 15 seconds tops to hook your reader on your resume or CV, and how to "sculpt" for this purpose (p. 22)

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This is SO MUCH MORE Than
a "Job-Seeker's Manual"

"No recruitment manual, not even this one, will lead you to a specific dream job posting. They come and go, everyday".

"What you really need is not today's 'hot-sheet' of 'top' job listings... but, instead, a tactical 'game book' for hunting the dream job. There are components to this process you must put into play designed to get you aiming only for the very good, the great, and the elusive dream jobs".

"These are anxious times. No one gets a remarkable career or astonishing paycheck from desperation or from grabbing at jobs like straws in a child's game".

"My book, 'You're Hired! The Complete Guide to Land Your Dream Job', teaches you the success secrets others use to win remarkable career and life opportunities". 

"But The OTHER GUY Always Gets the Great Job..."

What is it about "the other guy or gal" who always seems to land the great job? He has learned to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk? He could have much weaker job qualities, far fewer skills, and he could have far less experience in the workforce... Guess what? He's also bringing home the bacon. While you're "tooling" around in your 8-year old Honda, he's out shopping for the sparkling new "Beamer"...

This guy has mastered easy resume building tactics and little psychological interview tricks that get "them" eating out of his hand. What's more, he can duplicate these results over and over, to get better and better jobs. Did he climb the Ladder? There is no ladder... he's climbed right over YOU.

Learn the success secrets for landing the dream job, today. Get this...

A step-by-step checklist for building a cracker jack resume or CV that's guaranteed to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers...

A list of "taboo" words and phrases to avoid ever using on your resume. Are you using some of these?

A "play book" for The Interview, including the most critical 4 minutes of any interview, what to say, what to do, to get them eating out of your hand...

How to psychologically influence your interviewers, (even over the phone!): how to telegraph messages with your body language; what words, phrases and expressions create the biggest appeal; how to use your tone of voice to your advantage.. and much more

This guidebook puts all of those failed job prospects and white-knuckle interviews into clear perspective. Find out now where you're going dead-wrong, exactly WHY the "other guy" has you beat no matter his experience, and never let it happen again.

"The more money you make and the bigger the job title, the more likely you are to be happy at your job..." ( 

Will 'You're Hired! The Complete Guide to Land
Your Dream Job' Work for ME?"

Read the book and apply the formulas.


"If within 90 days you feel "You're Hired!" is not for you, simply contact me and receive a full and courteous refund. Just tell me you used all the strategies in my book and they didn't work. I will cheerfully give you a hassle-free refund, no questions asked."

It's that simple. You'll get results, even in today's economy, or you get your money back.

"Why Should I Trust You?"

Between myself, my co-authors, and other professional recruiters, over 68 YEARS of expert recruiting experience has gone into the production of this book. We spent the last year, alone, collecting and distilling these success secrets, the insider scoops, and the proven techniques, you can put into action immediately.

This book has already helped many other people all over the world win their next great job and a piece of the life they've always imagined. 

dan"Your section on HOW to answer job interview questions was great. I didn't realize how much better I could sound than I do. I thought interviews were just about WHAT you said. You showed me they are as much about HOW you say things. I am a much better interviewee now! Thank you". - Dan Brown, Nigeria

adam"Catherine, I got my dream job after I read your book." - Adam, Chicago, US

No picture preferred"Finally the help and guidance I was looking for. I had been looking for a new job for a while, but had not been able to put all my ideas together in a couple of single, yet complex phrases, but with this rich and helpful guide, I was able to compose a killer cover letter, increasing the calls and e-mails from recruiters, and finally getting me the job I had been dreaming of!" - Carlos Uribe, Dallas, Texas

No picture preferred"Within days of reading your book I was able to completely turnaround my situation. It seemed a small investment so I decided to try it -- what a great decision! I went from wondering if my phone was working to the joy of actually have some choices. I don't hesitate to recommend "You're Hired!"" - Mike Fells, Bournemouth, UK

john"This is the 'complete' Guide. The author covers all aspects of winning a job, from finding the right one, to applying, to having a great interview. I can't think of anything they're missing! Everyone can benefit from this guide and get themselves a better job". - John Connelly, Perth, Australia

Keep "Dream Job" Recruiters Beating a 
Path to Your Door...

Assuming you're serious about grabbing the life you've only dreamed of until now, and ready to take your career search to the next level, I invite you to check out this must-have book for yourself...

Few people land a job, no matter how good, and keep it for life. The objective with every really good or great job is to parlay that into one better, with fatter paychecks and eye-popping perks.Ensure a top-place position with leading recruiters so you continue to "see" the best available jobs, first:

Find out how you can position yourself to be the one maverick job candidate

Learn every recruiter and interviewer's "sweet spot" and how once you know that you can milk it for all it's worth

What about a winning candidate do recruiters and interviewers find irresistible time and time again?

This is the best $49 $27 gamble you'll ever take. And since it's RISK FREE, it's not even a gamble!

143-pages of proven tips, tricks, strategies, and industry success secrets rarely this complete and NEVER offered at this price. I'm only offering my book for this extra low price for a short time. I urge you to grab it right now. No risk to you. I will pull this offer without warning... 

* 143-PAGE PDF

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Check out these FREE BONUSES...

Buy You're Hired!... Today and you get all 
these extra goodies, free...

Bonus No. 1 - Top 10 Resume and CV Examples

What does a winning resume/CV look like? What are the secrets to writing an attention-grabbing, results-guaranteed resume? I take the mystery out of resume and CV writing and share with you the field-tested secrets of resume success.

Armed with the resume samples from "You're Hired" and these ten additional "swipe files", you can be certain you'll nail a resume or CV. Use these as templates and custom-create an irresistible resume.

Value: $12 - Yours FREE!

Bonus No. 2 - How to Answer Strength and Weakness Interview Questions

Strength and Weakness interview questions are some of the trickiest to answer. They can be hidden "gotcha" questions - little land-mines that quickly tank an otherwise killer interview.

You don't want to brag but you don't want to be seen as weak either. What's the scientific balance of both?

I prep you to tackle these common interview questions and effectively leave your competition stung.

Value: $7 - Yours FREE!

Bonus No. 3 - Great Cover Letters Guide

Make writing attention-grabbing cover letters child's play. Slay your competitors with this swift and accurate job search tool. You don't know the value yet of the cover letter, but you WILL. Hint: MISSION-CRITICAL and possibly more important than your resume or CV! (most applicants fail miserably to leverage the power of Cover Letters).

If I told you most employers read cover letters first and only go on to read your resume if your cover letter is any good... would that pique your interest?

Make the right first impression. This extra guide includes 4 cover letter "swipe files", templates from which you may borrow heavily to manufacture your own.

Value: $15 - Yours FREE!

Bonus No. 4 - The 10 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Interview

It's not enough to write a winning resume if you fall flat on your face at the interviews. So avoid the mistakes your competitors make.

More tips, strategies and methods for leveraging influence, using subtle psychological and body language "controls". Informative guide on how to sell yourself throughout the course of your job interview.

Value: $12 - Yours FREE!

Blow away your competition in the job market; get your name on the top of leading recruiters' lists once and for all, so you Get the job that Gets you the Good LIFE

Remember, You're Hired! guarantees to help you:

Prepare a winning resume

Write an attention-grabbing cover letter

Get the inside scoop on what recruiters and interviewers are looking for

Calm those pre-interview nerves that can shatter your chances of performing well

Score top marks on selection tests

Prep for interview success

Stop blowing your chances at all stages of the job application process

Gain the confidence to deliver your best ever interview performance

Negotiate THE job offer...

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Here's my RISK-FREE Guarantee again:

"If within 90 days you feel "You're Hired" is not for you, simply contact me and receive a full and courteous refund. Just tell me you used all the strategies in my book and they didn't work. I will cheerfully refund your $49 $27, no questions asked."

Yours in success,

Catherine Jones

P.S. Stop competing with the 15 million unemployed and desperate. The real news is this... Could you be completely out of whack with your job-hunting strategy that you're missing the remarkable jobs that bring remarkable paydays?! Find out what's holding you back and FIX IT FOREVER. Hint: it's not lack of great jobs

P.P.S. "What you really need is not today's 'hot-sheet' of 'top' job listings... but, instead, a tactical 'game book' for hunting the dream job. There are components to this process you must put into play designed to get you aiming only for the very good, the great, and the elusive dream jobs and ultimately the dream life.

RISK-FREE Offer and ALL BONUSES -- temporarily available at a
RIDICULOUS Price for a very short time...

Buy NOW, Limited Time "Recession Buster" Price, $49 $27

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