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If you're a writer or simply someone who has a knack for stringing words together, offering copywriting services to clients provides a legitimate work from home business opportunity from the comfort of your own home.

Though it helps if you come from an advertising background and can flash a massive, impressive portfolio to your prospective clients, this isn't mandatory. Businesses often have a limited budget and don't want to pay the high prices professionals charge.

Why Copywriting?

Today, there's a real scarcity of good copywriters who can write to sell – so once you convince your clients that you have the copywriting skills and the power of persuasion necessary to promote brands, it's easy enough to land yourself some pretty lucrative projects.

Like other legitimate work from home opportunities, copywriting allows you to work flexibly, which is what most people look for in legitimate work from home ideas.

What Kind of Copywriting Jobs Are There?

There is a whole bunch of different writing jobs out there that fall under the umbrella of copywriting. These include:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Web content
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Business proposals
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets

Emails for direct marketing and other marketing collateral

You may choose what you're comfortable with, but it may be necessary to specify that in your resume or CV if you're pitching for jobs direct, so that clients know what your services include.

Web content and online advertising such as web banners should really be in your list of services if you're really interested in making money online. With the number of websites growing each day, there is a constant need for good web content writers.

So once you've figured out what copywriting services suit you best, it's time to go about taking some steps to ensure that copywriting works as a legitimate work from home business idea for you.

Where Do I Start?

If you've done good work that you can showcase, make sure it's all put together in order to attract the client's attention. There are thousands upon thousands of people claiming to be copywriters out there and the client needs a reason to pick you – so get that portfolio in place if you have one!

Your portfolio can include anything from articles you've written for magazines, newspapers and the web, to advertising campaigns you’ve executed in the past, any brochures you've written or press releases that were actually released. Make sure that everything you showcase is something you're proud of if you want your clients to hand over all their copywriting needs to you.

Create A Rate Card

One of the first things you'll need to figure out as a legitimate work from home copywriter is your fee. You'll need to standardize your fee and be able to give your clients a quote on request if you want to be taken seriously. Now, this might be confusing initially, especially if this is the first time you've done this. So ask around – ask people in your line of business what the going rate is for offering copywriting services online.

Usually $45 per hour is a standard rate for good copywriters, but do your homework nonetheless. If you want to go with your own rate however, you might just want to be careful not to over quote so you don't scare your clients or under quote so your clients think you're a copywriting intern!

Be Proactive – Seek Out Clients

While places like Elance provide a good source of copywriting jobs, you might also want to go after clients yourself. Begin with the people you know – friends and family and friends of friends with businesses. They're sure to need copywriting services at some point. Offer them your services, at a lower rate if need be initially. Once they're happy with your work, they'll bring in referrals and from then on, you're on your own.

Copywriting is an excellent and legitimate work from home business idea and a great way to make money online even if you have a full-time job. So if you've taken all the necessary steps to winning clients, go on and begin earning money from home already!

Are There Other Legitimate Work From Home Options?

Yes. If copywriting isn't for you here are 21 other work from home business ideas which might interest you.

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