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Here's a List of Job Search Engines

Online job postings rose by 169,000 last month to 3.5 million, according to a recent report by The Conference Board.

And with more and more people finding their next job on the internet, searching for jobs online is a worthwhile activity, even if it's only part of a wider job search strategy.

To help you in your hunt for jobs online, here's a list of job search websites.

Top of our list of job search engines

1. Monster.com

Monster.com is top of our list of job search engines and is one of the leading websites for jobseekers worldwise, enjoying an excellent reputation. Here are just some of the benefits you'll enjoy with them:

  • You can do both a quick and an advanced search of their extensive job database -- great whether you're flexible or looking for particular roles
  • You can search for jobs by location, type of employment (full time, part time, temporary, contract), keywords and much more and set yourself up to receive emails 24 x 7, so you never miss a job opportunity
  • You can also create (or upload) up to 10 resumes or CVs and edit them whenever you want, great when you want to target specific employers and/or jobs. You can even see how often your CVs and resumes are viewed by employers
  • QuickApply lets you apply for selected jobs online with just one click. A real time-saver when you're applying for many jobs at one time
  • Monster.com also offers free monthly newsletters, tutorials, a site demo and a help center -- worth a lot, just on their own

2. CareerBuilder.com

CareerBuilder.com comes second on our list of job search engines. It's the US's largest online job site and puts over 1 million jobs in front of eager jobseekers worldwide, in print and on the Internet. It enjoys more than 23 million unique visitors every month!

CareerBuilder allows you to search for jobs in multiple ways and will even exclude words, job titles and companies if you prefer, in order to narrow down your job search to only those vacancies right for you.

And if you're not sure what's right for you, there's even a free career test, to help you decide.

Then's there a whole section dedicated to helping you as a jobseeker, including 5 great videos, a salary calculator, a free CareerClues assessment and much more. Check it out.

3. Indeed.com

The Indeed.com comes third on our list of job search engines and is well worth a look. Although you can't submit your resume online, like you can on Monster and CareerBuilder, the actual job search engine more than makes up for this. It searches the major job search engines and job search boards and some jobseekers report finding jobs on Indeed that they've not seen anywhere else. In fact, Indeed.com refers to itself as "the most comprehensive job search service on the Web" and has won a Time Magazine Top 10 Website award.

4. Craigslist

Craigslist appears on our list of job search engines because it's been a real goldmine for some jobseekers and that's why we've added it to our list of job search engines. Just find your city, look under 'Jobs' and see what you find. You may be surprised, even delighted!

5. SimplyHired.com

SimplyHired.com is fun and simple to use and is highly effective at finding all sorts of jobs. It also offers a very unique job search experience because you get to 'train' the job search engine by rating jobs you are interested in.

6. Dice.com

If you're looking for technology jobs, Dice.com is for you. It's been the leading job search website in the United States for engineering and technology professionals, and the companies looking to employ them, for many years.

We keep up to date with job market developments here at job-application-and-interview-advice.com and will add other websites to our list of job search engines if we think they're good. You call always let us know

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