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Advice And Practice to Help YouWith Logic Test Questions

Increasingly, employees are required to deal with large amounts of information which they need to analyze. Employers look for this ability in job applicants and 70% use job selection tests to find it.

Logic or Verbal Reasoning Tests look at how easily you understand and interpret written text.

To help you improve your results, here's some advice on Reasoning Selection Tests and places to go for practice.

And by the way, these type of tests will not test your vocabulary, grammar and spelling.

What Are Typical Verbal Reasoning Questions?

Typical verbal reasoning test questions start with a passage of text followed by statements based on the information given in the passage.

You are asked to indicate whether the statements are:

  • rue, or
  • False, or
  • Whether it is not possible to say so either way.

When answering these questions, you should only use the information given in the passage. Don't answer them based on what you know or assume from the 'real-world'. In tests we've used, the test paper and/or facilitator remind you of this before you begin.

Do You Have Example Logic Test Questions or Verbal Reasoning Tests?

Yes. Click here for a quick example question to try, then come back.

How did you get on?

You may have realised that the best way to prepare for logic or verbal reasoning tests is to practice.

  1. From our research, Psychometric Success is one of the best selection test websites today. Why not download their free practice tests and see for yourself how good you are? Over 50 top US university career sites link to Psychometric Success, which shows how good they are.
  2. A second great website for selection test questions is Assessment Day. Like Psychometric Success, Assessment Day also have free tests. Over 25 top UK universities send students to this website.

Good Luck in your tests!

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