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Make Money At Home Being A Virtual Assistant!

In this fast-paced Google era, there's very little that can't be done from the comfort of your own bedroom or home-office. So if you have experience as an Administrator, a Receptionist or a Company Secretary and you're wondering if there's any way you can make money at home, read on! Thanks to the internet and telecommuting, you may now make enough money online (perhaps more) by doing the very things you are good at, but from the comfort of your own home!

Whoever said you need to choose between writing, designing and dead-end data entry jobs to ensure you make a good income from home? Today, you can make as much as you would on a full-time job by becoming a virtual assistant.

What is Virtual Assistance and How Does it Work?

You assist your clients online in the same way you would in the office – it's really that simple.

If you opt for a virtual secretarial or administrative role, your job may involve booking hotels and airline tickets, fixing appointments with clients, drafting presentations, editing Word docs, proof-reading content, drafting emails, making and taking phone calls and literally managing someone's diary.

So it's important to do your home-work and pick a field that you are interested in and equipped to handle, before applying for virtual assistant roles.

How Do I Start To Make Money At Home?

Decide first what type of virtual assistance you would best provide.

Let's say you're interested in writing and would like to focus on all writing-related assistance. Fine-tune your resume or CV, highlighting any prior experience, qualifications and awards in writing. Virtual assistance is a competitive field in today's world and you need to convince your potential employer that you are the best choice for him or her.

Then search the internet for 'virtual assistant jobs' or similar to find opportunities which suit you.

Once you've got a job or jobs, make sure you equip your home-office with all the necessary office supplies such as papers, folders, notepads, envelopes, stationery etc.

What Can I Earn As A Virtual Assistant?

If you don't have much prior experience in your area of interest, it might be a good idea to lower your rates initially. But once you do an impressive job, meet your deadlines and prove yourself efficient, word will spread quickly and before you know it, you could be making $50 an hour being a virtual assistant.

When you set your rate though, make sure you factor in the costs you will incur such as phone calls, broadband connection, print-outs and any courier or postage fees. You can see it pays to do your research on your field of interest before taking up a job as a virtual assistant.

Final Tips

If you want to make money at home being a virtual assistant, remember that much depends on reputation. So make sure you're good at what you do – be prompt for conference calls, video conferencing, meet your deadlines, don't forget to fix appointments and send reminders and make sure you get results.

If your client is happy with you, he will definitely spread the word. Soon you'll become the go-to person in the virtual world and then you could be in a position to make more money online than those with an office-based job.

Are There Other Ways To Make Money At Home?

Yes. If being a virtual assistant doesn't float your boat here are some other ways to make money at home which might interest you.

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