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Article or Website Writing - A Popular WayTo Make Money Online

If you're spending a lot of time on Google, exploring job opportunities for those who want to make money online, maybe you should consider article or website writing.

While it helps to have a flair for writing in English, there are plenty of sites out there that simply require people who can string words together - even if they are not writers by profession or have formal education.

So long as you can write good English and have your spelling, grammar and punctuation in place before you decide to apply for an online article or website writing assignment, this could be your newfound opportunity to make money from home.

So How Does Article or Website Writing Work?

Well for starters, there are websites that require content in stiff business English and these usually only hire people who are professionals in their field. But there are plenty of other sites (thanks to search marketing), that require random articles on various subjects, from dog training to flower arranging to more serious topics such as infertility and how to cope with it.

So if you find writing marketing copy boring, you could always try the sites that request articles on lighter topics such as choosing a gift or taking care of a pet.

You write the article or story or news item and get paid - it's very simple.

How Do I Start to Make Money Online?

Initially, it would be a good idea to upload your resume, CV or profile on as many job portals as you can find. You can search for these on Google. You may also search for article or website writing opportunities in your local area.

Many work from home online writers choose to sign up with Elance.com because it provides a constant stream of work, whether you want to write short articles or lengthy website content.

Whether you choose to find work by yourself or through Elance, many employers may require you to send in writing samples before hiring you for a job. However, rest assured that once you've impressed your employer with good content that makes sense and is well crafted, it will be the beginning of many more writing opportunities to come. If you're consistent and disciplined, you may even make as much or more than you would with a full time job.

Are There Other Ways to Make Money Online by Writing?

If writing for someone else is not your cup of tea, why not consider starting a website of your own, like this one – a popular home business idea that generates a stable income every month.

Again, thanks to search engine marketing, a little bit of research will tell you what the most searched topics on the internet are. After that, it's really a matter of doing everything you can to build a website on one of the most searched topics using many keywords and also providing valuable information.

You will need to promote your website on various portals and social networking sites and generate a following of visitors. But once you've done this, managing a website can take little effort and you can enjoy the passive income it generates.

This is a longer and far more rigorous process, but if you don't like writing articles or website content for someone else, this may be well worth your time and efforts. Once it takes off, you may well be earning more than you would have with regular content writing and you would have successfully established a long-term way to make money online.

If this interests you read about how I turned my work from home business idea into a website and how I make money online.

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