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Ten Important Management
Job Interview Questions

If you're interviewing for a management position, your interviewers will ask you questions that require answers based on your management experience.

These are not simple yes/no questions. They require thought and preparation in order to demonstrate your managerial and supervisory skills. Many require examples.

Here is the basic format for answers to management job interview questions that require examples:

  • Describe the situation, including your role
  • Explain what you did
  • Tell your interviewers what happened
  • Discuss what you might do differently in the future

10 Typical Management Job Interview Questions

Here are 10 common manager job interview questions:

  1. Describe your preferred work environment or culture
  2. Describe how you developed relationships when you entered a new workplace as a manager
  3. Describe two or three ways you have provided direction and leadership for a work team
  4. As a manager, what do you personally add to a work environment?
  5. What is your philosophy of management?
  6. How would the people you supervised in a previous job describe your strengths and weaknesses as a supervisor and manager?
  7. Describe your greatest challenge as a manager and how you approached the situation
  8. What is your preferred method of performance appraisal?
  9. Describe how you have addressed employee concerns and performance during a major organizational transition
  10. What do you find to be the most satisfying aspect of management and supervision?

How To Respond Well to Management Job Interview Questions

A good manager is confident, organized, and well spoken. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills go hand-in-hand with success as a manager and supervisor. Exemplify these qualities during your job interview and you're off to a good start.

In fact, before you go for your interview, write down all the qualities of an excellent manager and supervisor. These are the qualities that should be reflected in your answers to management interview questions.

As mentioned earlier, employers expect management candidates to back up their statements of experience or skills with actual examples. It's easy to say the right words, but it takes experience to provide examples.

Interviewers want answers that reflect a management style and philosophy that fits with the culture of the organization. You should be able to learn about the company's values through your research, which could include talking to other managers at that company. If your values and philosophy are at odds with the organization's, you might want to think hard about the wisdom of working there.

What About General Interview Questions?

In addition to asking you specific management job interview questions, your interviewers are likely to ask some general job interview questions too. So get prepared by taking a quick look at these 38 sample interview questions before leaving.

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