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From the desk of Catherine Jones, Recruitment Expert,

Sunday, June 28, 2015 

Dear Friend,

Let's be honest.

How many times do you notice someone in a job and think "I could do better" then, when a great job comes along, you don't even get an interview?

Do you wonder how that person actually got promoted? What do they know that you don't? After all, they aren't any more highly-skilled than you are.

The answer isn't magic. The secrets aren't in who you know, or what school you attended.

The answer lies in convincing your potential employer you're exactly what they're looking for. That you're better than the other 100 or more candidates whose resumes, CVs or job applications they've just skimmed over. You must convince them you're the right person for that job.

Take just five minutes to read this letter - I promise I'll help you get the job you want and deserve, even in today's economic climate.

Are You Ready for a New Job or Promotion
but Just Can't Seem to Get Hired?

Think for a minute...

  • Are you discouraged when you see colleagues promoted over you?
  • Have you ever missed out on an ideal job?
  • Do you want to enjoy a better quality of life for your family?
  • Are you ready for that promotion, but can't seem to sell yourself to upper management?
  • Are you confident you can do the job, but are having problems with your resume or cover letter?
  • You know you could do a great job, if only someone would give you a chance
  • Do you want a resume or cover letter that makes interviewers pick up the phone and call?
  • Are you worried you won't land the right interviews?
  • Do application forms overwhelm you so you avoid applying for great jobs?

I understand your frustration and I've even felt it myself in the past.

Chances are you ARE the best person for that dream job. You just aren't marketing yourself effectively. You never realized it was so hard to nab an interview, especially now. You figured all you had to do was put your experience on paper and you'd get plenty of interviews and a great job offer would follow.

In 2011 it just doesn't work out that way.

Don't feel discouraged. You're not alone. You're like countless other ambitious hard workers frustrated with their career progress. Like you, they know they can do the job, if only they could land an interview.

There's a better way to get what you want.

Who Else Wants the Secrets to
Job-hunting Success?

I love my job as a Recruitment Manager. I have a challenging role which enables me to use my skills and talents daily. I go home each night with a genuine sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. It's a great feeling to be happy in my career while providing for my family - something impossible for me in the past.

Just a few years ago, I was applying for jobs but never getting interviews. I knew I had what businesses were looking for – the right abilities and skills – but I wasn't getting the chance to prove myself.

It was so discouraging! I felt sad and frustrated. Colleagues were being promoted ahead of me yet I was confident I was the best person for the job. However, because I was passed over several times for promotion I began doubting my abilities and lost faith in myself. It was an upsetting, frustrating time in my life.

Then one day – wham! It suddenly hit me!

I finally understood what was holding me back from my dream job...

I discovered the secret to selling myself and my abilities the right way. I used my newfound knowledge and techniques to get two promotions, one after another. I'm so excited about what I learned I just can't keep it to myself. I love helping other people and I want to help YOU win that new job or promotion you've been after. I want to share my secrets with you.

Imagine how happy and excited you'll feel when you finally land the right job. You'll have a spring in your step again when you walk to your desk each morning. You'll get true satisfaction knowing you're using the gifts and talents God gave you to make a living. And, you'll feel more at ease knowing your financial worries are far behind you, every time you look at your bigger paycheck.

At Last, Job-hunting Success from a
Real Recruiter and Interviewer

I can help you write a resume, CV, cover letter or job application form which directly matches the job advertisement, stands out from the rest and significantly increases your chance of landing an interview.

How can I do this?

Because I'm recruiter. I know what I look for in applications, resumes, CVs and cover letters. I also know what employers want in new hires. It's that extra something special that lands the job every time.

If you've already written your resume or cover letter, let me go over your draft. I'll review it carefully and show you how to make it grab the eyeballs of executives who are hiring.

Or I can write your resume or cover letter from scratch. You choose.

When you become one of my clients, you also get a copy of my ebook "You're Hired - The Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Job" which gives you all the tips, techniques, secrets, tricks and strategies you need, to have the confidence and the right skills to go for that better job or promotion.

My results are proven. I've helped many ambitious jobseekers land their dream position, helping them with a resume, CV or cover letter which makes employers want to meet them - fast.

You're just one step away from this success, too.

Click here to contact me about my personal job coaching service right now.

Announcing The Key to Your
Job-hunting Success

Take advantage of my job coaching service and:

  • Be confident your resume, CV, cover letter or job application is professional, focused and attention-grabbing
  • Stop wasting time writing and rewriting your resume, only to be disappointed with the results
  • Get the help you need with your existing resume. Or, get a whole new resume or CV prepared for you. Your choice
  • Know that when you apply for that dream job, your documents will be tailored to what interviewers are looking for, unlike the generic documents your competitors will submit
  • Get a free copy of my ebook "You're Hired - The COMPLETE Guide To Landing Your Dream Job", sold online at $37 – packed with tips and techniques to help you land the perfect job for you
  • Get noticed. Interviewers will want to meet you fast because it's obvious you're the right person for the job
  • Get a great resume, CV or cover letter you can adapt for future jobs
  • Win interviews because your resume, CV, cover letter or job application form matches your interviewer's needs perfectly
  • Get personal service - I help you personally and give you advice unique to you and your situation alone
  • Discover how to market yourself without bending the truth, lying or pretending to be someone you're not
  • Boost your self-confidence - stop getting rejection letters and start getting job offers!
  • Get ahead on your career ladder and enjoy true job satisfaction

I guarantee you'll be happy with the end result.

Why Should I Trust You Catherine?

My results are proven. Here's what clients said recently:

"Hi Catherine. Just a quick note to say I won an interview for that Sales Manager position you wrote my resume for. Thanks for all your help. I'll read your interview book now so I get the job too. Thanks again"

Sarah Wright - Texas, US

"My request was dealt with very efficiently and the product very clear. What Catherine wrote was a significant improvement from what I'd written and for sure will make the difference. Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated."

Albert Lluberas - Uruguay

You'll find examples of my work at the bottom of the page. These are real examples people used to win the jobs they wanted and deserved.

You see I can provide you with something different from the other companies out there offering resume, CV and cover letter writing services.

Here's why: I still work as a recruiter and read CVs, resumes, cover letters and job application forms every day. I know what interviewers look for when they skim-read 100 plus resumes for each job. I make sure your application fits the bill perfectly. With more and more people applying for every job these days, standing out from the crowd is essential.

This is Truly a Personalized Service

I won't simply run your details through "resume writing software" and produce an average resume or CV. Some companies do this and charge you a fee. However, in 2011 this won't land you a dream job. If just average is what you're after, my services probably aren't right for you.

But if you're looking for a resume, CV, cover letter or job application form that will win you the right job, I can help. So here it is... in a nutshell...

Send me your resume, CV, cover letter or job application form. I'll review it for you, alongside the job advertisement for the job you want. I'll provide you with a report written just for you. It shows you what you need to do to improve your chances of getting an interview. I'll tell you what you need to know to win!

Improve Your Opportunities for Success

Even if you haven't started your application, I can write your resume, CV or cover letter from scratch.

Basically, you choose the type of help you want and I provide it. Contact me and tell me about the kind of help you need. I'll be right back with my suggestions and a personalized quote for you - it's that easy. No obligation. No hard sell.

Everyone I Help Gets Better Interviews

To make sure every one of my clients gets the quality service they deserve, I never take on more than four clients at a time.

It's impossible to provide the help my clients need to increase their opportunities to get hired, keep up my other responsibilities and have balance in my life, if I take on too many clients.

Right now, I have an opening for two very special clients. Will you be one of the individuals who truly benefits from what I offer?

Here's What Others Say About Catherine...

"I used Catherine's resume and cover letter services recently. She reviewed my resume and cover letter and made suggestions which really improved them. I couldn't believe what a difference she made. I would recommend using her if you want to increase your chances of getting an interview. I got one! Then I got the job!"

Jon Spencer, Birmingham, UK

"Many thanks for your help Catherine. My CV is excellent. I only sent it off yesterday but already I've had a call inviting me to an interview. I'm really pleased. Thank you".

Ellie Santana, Barcelona, Spain

How Much Will Your Service Cost Me?

It's good news... Because my prices are competitive, you'll have the perfect resume, CV, cover letter or job application for less than you'd expect - probably less than you'll spend on a celebratory meal with your family and friends when you land your new job or promotion.

You'll recoup the cost and much, much more with your first new paycheck.

In fact, once you land your great new job, you'll realize you would have spent ten times that to get the result – a result which can make a positive difference in your career for years and years to come.

Tell me the results you want, where you're at now and I'll give you a quote. I won't go over the quoted fee, even if the work takes longer to complete than expected. Just a small deposit gets me started helping you.

Plus you'll get a free copy of my book, "You're Hired - The COMPLETE Guide To Landing Your Dream Job", worth $37!

My Promise To You

I'm so confident you'll be delighted with my work I won't ask you to pay the balance until you have received everything I promise you. I'll make the changes you suggest and only bill you when you're completely, 100 percent happy - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All the changes you want and final payment only if you're happy - how's that?

Is Job Success Important to You?

Of course it is!

So make the turning point in your career right now and become one of my many satisfied clients.

Don't let your dream job or promotion slip through your fingers because you hesitated when it mattered most. Say "yes" to job satisfaction, a better salary and a higher quality of life for you and your family. Use my services and I promise you will have the best year of your life.

Contact me now.

Remember, my personal service will:

  • Move your application to the top of the pile
  • Increase your chances of landing that new job or promotion
  • Give you a competitive edge to beat out other jobseekers
  • Help you match your application to the recruiter's needs
  • Give you a professional, effective resume, CV, application form or cover letter
  • Be matched to your requirements - I'll review your application or resume, or write you a new one
  • Allow you to get the right job and enjoy life more

Are You Ready for a Better Job?

If you're ready to get on with your life and get that job contact me now. I'll be right in touch. We can decide upon the help you need and I'll get started right away. Don't put it off any longer, do it now!

My personal job coaching service is a wise investment in the future of your career. It will quickly pay for itself.

Isn't it time you got to enjoy the job success you've deserved for years?

Contact me now.

Yours in Massive Success,

Catherine Jones

Recruitment Expert and author, "You're Hired - The COMPLETE Guide To Landing Your Dream Job".

P.S. Remember, I will make your resume, CV or cover letter grab the attention of interviewers but I only have an opening for two clients - don't miss out!

P.P.S. My personal service is an investment in yourself. So contact me now about your future - you'll be glad you did.

P.P.P.S. You don't pay the balance until you're 100 percent happy - your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Examples of My Work

Cover Letter Help
1st example before my help
2nd example before my help
A cover letter written from scratch
1st example
after my help
2nd example
after my help

Resume/CV Help
1st example
before my help
2nd example
before my help
1st example
after my help
2nd example
after my help

Job Application Help
A completed job application example

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