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My Passion and Where it Led Me

I love helping others succeed - it's real passion of mine - part of who I am. It's a great feeling when I see someone I've helped do well. I love nothing more than getting an email from someone on the other side of the world telling me they've landed a job because they followed my advice.

One of my goals when I began to research the web for work from home business ideas was to be able to generate a small income to help with the costs of a growing family.

I tried a few work from home ideas with some success but none really 'floated my boat' and gave me the satisfaction I was looking for. So I kept looking...

What I then discovered was a way to achieve my work from home goals AND help others at the same time – fantastic! It involves this website. I help people improve their chances of getting a job by giving advice on resumes, job applications, job interviews and so on and make a little money for myself and my family at the same time. Everyone benefits!

When I began this website in 2007 I had no technical expertise, no background in web design and development. I knew how to help others find jobs but not how to get this information onto a website. I simply wanted to turn my passion for recruitment into a part-time work from home business and earn some extra income.

How could I turn my dream into reality?

Here's a little about me...

My name is Catherine and I live in the UK with my partner, two sons and Sophie, our Westie (see pic). I've been in recruitment in one shape or form for many years. I used my experience firstly to help friends and family find jobs. Word spread and pretty soon I was helping friends of friends too. It gave me a real buzz.


Did you know there are over 200 million websites around today? Mine is ranked in the top 1% by Alexa, the world's leading website database.

I'm proud of what I've achieved through only a few hours commitment a week and am inspired by other website owners whose visitor numbers exceed 1.6 million a month and whose work from home business income far exceeds mine.

Many of my website visitors write to me to say thanks for the information I provide and to tell me they've got a job – it's very rewarding, personally as well as financially.

Turning Dreams into Reality

Being able to work from home has benefits for your whole family, benefits which might otherwise be impossible. Almost everyone I meet dreams of being able to give up their day job and enjoy the lifestyle changes a work from home business brings.

My friends and I are not alone - according to an online Harris poll, more than 72% of US adults are seriously considering starting a home-based business. And the dream isn't unique to the United States either – being able to work from home is a dream, worldwide.

For me and millions of others, a work at home job means extra income which allows us to:

  • pay off debts early
  • buy special items we otherwise couldn't afford
  • live in a bigger home or relocate to a new one
  • buy a second home
  • stay at home with the kids
  • go on vacation to places usually beyond our budget
  • save for our children's future, education or marriage
  • retire early or live more comfortably in retirement
  • ...the list goes on and on

Who doesn't dream about freedom, about "being your own boss", about making positive changes in your life and work, about being happy?

A work from home business with Site Built It can give you all this.

Do you dream? Here's where dreams become reality.

Is This For Me?

If you're prepared to work hard at the beginning, creating a website can be an exciting, long-term work from home business.

You don't need to know anything about websites to start - you'll learn it all. In fact you don't even need a passion. You can write about any topic, from weight loss, to vacation destinations, to dogs, flowers, children's parties - the list is endless.

And one of the real benefits of Solo Build It is the forums. You'll spend a lot of time there in the beginning, getting advice, asking questions, reading other people's stories. We're like a big family - you'll get tons of support - I did.

There are some poeple who don't quite make it and realise it's not for them after a little while. They get a full refund so it's risk free.

For Work At Home Moms

If you are or want to be a WAHM, and want to know more about building your own business, here's what another WAHM says. There's also a free guide you can download if you want to read more.

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