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According to BBC News, industry statistics and our research, 70% of employers use some form of numerical or math test in employee selection.

If your competitors know this, they'll be brushing up on test taking strategies to up their chances of getting hired for the job.

You need to do the same.

Luckily we work in recruitment and would like to help.

So here are our Top 7 Tips for Numerical Tests.

Bear in mind that most of the time, the numerical and math tests are designed to see how quickly your mind is able to understand numbers, not how accurately you can do algebra or quadratic equations.

But if you haven't studied math for a while, it's a good idea to refresh your memory. It's sometimes the case that you're not allowed to use a calculator, so practicing your mental arithmetic beforehand can give you confidence and save you some time in the test.

7 Tips For Numerical and Math Tests

  • Run through your times tables
  • Practice some basic calculations like fractions and percentages
  • Practice estimating answers -- even if you can use a calculator, estimating will help make sure you're not wildly out
  • Make sure you can do some long multiplications
  • Numerical questions are usually based on your ability to understand data presented in tables so buy a financial paper (or something similar) and get familiar with reading tables of information
  • Don't worry about complex math such as algebra. You will not be tested on this unless explicitly told by the employer
  • Bookmark this BBC page. It takes you through some basic maths which you'll find useful for numerical or maths tests.

Do You Have Some Practice Numerical and Math Tests?

Yes and research shows that job candidates who practice numerical and maths tests do better over time.

Click here for a quick example of a numerical or math test question.

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