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Here's A Good Nurse Resume Template

We all know that having a good resume or CV is the most important factor in getting your foot in the door and on your way to landing your dream job.

But many people don't take the time or make the effort to ensure that their CV or resume really hits the mark. If you do, you're already one step ahead.

To help you increase your chances of landing your ideal nursing job, here's a nurse resume template for you. It will help you set out your CV or resume and give you examples of words to use that will engage your interviewers.

If you can use elements of our nurse resume template to help you win an interview, feel free.

Nurse Resume Template

Mary Clery

1203 Sertvin Ave

St Paul, MN 55434

Home Phone: 612-123-4567

Email: marygclery@hardnet.com


After many years in the nursing field I want to be able to expand my horizons as a care giver, do more to help others and take on greater responsibility. Your senior nurse position looks ideal. I wish to work in a bigger hospital with more patients, as well as have more hands-on care opportunities. This will allow me to continue a life of serving and helping others while at the same time allowing me to grow as a nurse.


I have been working in the nursing field for 25 years. I am constant and caring and treat each patient as I would my best friend. I listen to the patients that I work with and attempt to do as well for them as I possibly can. I work well within a team, and also as the supervisor of a team. I am a practical nurse, and am competent in all areas of general nursing. I have been specializing in one-on-one patient care for years, and have also had the chance to work in a small hospital. I am a fast learner and am excellent at what I do.


I've spent 5 years as a private nurse, working one on one with two different customers. I lived in the first customer's home and was on call 24 hours a day, putting all of his needs before my own. I also worked with a second patient during the three years after the first no longer needed care. I was able to maintain a good quality of life for a young women, by working in her home for 5 hours each day and providing her with personal care.

I worked for 10 years as a nurse in a small hospital which prepared me for working in a larger one. I was given many responsibilities such as basic patient care, complicated patient care, and also the supervision and training of new nursing staff and I worked as Nursing Supervisor and Trainer for 5 years of my employment. This meant that I was responsible for all new nursing staff as well as the workings of the 12 strong nursing department. I was also supervisor during my shifts and made senior decisions affecting patient care daily.

As well as this I have 2 years experience as a trauma nurse in the ER of a small hospital. I was often the only nurse present during my shifts, so all personal care tasks and some decision making fell to me.

In addition I worked for 3 years as a nurse in a neo-natal unit. I took care of newborn babies, worked with premature infants, and also assisted in the delivery of babies and the care of mothers.

I've enjoyed 2 semesters as a nurse instructor at the local college. I prepared new nurses for their first jobs by giving them training and advice so that their first residencies as nurses were less frightening.


  • University of Minnesota Nursing School, Nursing Degree (1990)
  • University of Pennsylvania Undergraduate Degree in Personal Healthcare (1986)
  • Human Relations Associate Degree, NSDU (1982)

Work History:

ShoreView Hospital: 1995-2005

I worked here for ten years, providing nursing services to people of all ages. I worked in the neo-natal unit as well as in the trauma unit, or the ER, as well as in general patient are. I was a supervisor and also in charge of training new nurses.

PrivateCARE: Private In Home Nurse 1990-1995

For five years I worked for PrivateCARE, which was a company that placed nurses with home-based patients. I worked with two patients in particular, the first as a live-in-nurse situation. During these two experiences I was able to solidify my nursing skills, and work one on one with patients. I administered medication, helped with private and personal tasks, and did general therapy with both patients. I also took daily vital signs, and made reports to local clinics concerning both of the patients.

County General: Candy Striper (aid) 1987-1989

While working on my nursing degree, I was an aid in a local hospital. I answered phones, directed visitors to rooms and cleaned, as well as running errands, filing, and general maintenance.


I spend most of my spare time with my young family and we enjoy a lot of active pursuits!

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