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Nursing Job Interview - How To Win One,
Then Ace It!

In the last thirteen months we've helped four nurses land new nursing positions. Two approached us early, having found jobs, and needed our help with their job applications and cover letters. The other two had already secured a nursing job interview but wanted to make sure they were fully prepared and able to deliver great interview performances.

Wherever you are in the process of finding a nursing job, we'd like to help.

Help With CVs/Resumes, Job Application
Forms and Covering Letters

If you've not yet been invited to a job interview but want to up your chances of being selected you may be looking for help with your resume, CV, job application form and/or cover letter.

If so, our best-selling Job Guides may be just what you need. Each easy-to-follow Guide guarantees to help you write a first-class job application that wins you that all-important job interview.

  1. The first Guide offers help building a resume or CV and includes 3 resume templates and examples
  2. The second shows you just how easy it is to write great covers letters, and
  3. The third Guide gives advice on writing great job applications

On top of this you get advice on using a nursing resume template as well as a example nurse resume template so you can see how a good nurse resume might look.

Help With Nursing Interviews

f you've already won a job interview, congratulations! Here are some pointers to help you.

Consider your nursing job interview as a way for the employer to get to know you and vice versa. The nursing interview questions on the next page are examples of common questions that get the conversation going.


  • Be relaxed and professional
  • Make eye contact (with all the interviewers)
  • Shake hands firmly at the beginning and end of the interview
  • Be confident that you have valuable skills and can make an important contribution to the healthcare organization

Documents to bring

Bring the following with you to the job interview:

  • A copy of your latest (up-to-date) resume or CV
  • A copy of your nursing license and/or notice of passing board scores
  • Details of your addresses for the past five years. The employer will need this for a criminal background check
  • Two copies of your list of references. Your reference list should be separate from your resume

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