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Advice On Using Nursing Resume
Templates And An Example

A recent survey asked nurse recruiters what they wanted to see in a resume for a nursing job. If you are searching for a nursing position, pay close attention to what the recruiters said. According to the nurse recruiters surveyed, your resume should include:

  • A detailed work history with the most recent job first
  • Specific descriptions of the types of units where you worked and the types of patients you cared for, and for how long
  • The shifts you are available
  • The department you want to work in
  • A well-thought out career goal
  • Certification and licensure information
  • Willingness to relocate, if that is the case, and preferred locations
  • Experience in performance improvement
  • Minimum salary requirements
  • At least one professional reference (you may choose to have a separate reference page)

Our nursing resume template below shows you how to set this out.

Resume Template For An Experienced Registered Nurse



City, State Zip Code

Telephone number

Email address

Career goal (or objective)

What you are looking for in your career, not just in the specific job. You may include shifts and departments of interest. For inspiration, check out these 5 resume objective examples.

Career summary (or major achievements or qualifications summary)

As an experienced RN, you will have significant achievements or qualifications

Certifications and proficiencies

List them here, in bullet form perhaps


Degrees, date, and institutions.



References available upon request

Resume Template For Entry-Level Nursing Assistant

Your resume will look different if you're looking for a job as an entry-level nursing assistant.

City, State Zip Code
Telephone number
Email address
The type of job you are looking for

Work experience
List the most recent first with name and location of employer, dates worked, and your position. List major responsibilities for each position. Since you may not have job experience as a nursing assistant, focus on responsibilities that involve skills useful in nursing such as customer service, teamwork, multitasking, caregiving, etc.





Skill nameSkill levelLast used or Years experience

Shifts and locations. The more available you are, the more valuable you are to an employer


References available upon request

What About Other Resume Templates?

We hope our nursing resume template helps you write a good resume or CV of your own.

But if you'd prefer to have a professional write your resume or CV, check our our Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service. If that doesn't appeal, we know of some good companies who can write a resume for you so take a look.

As well as our nursing resume template, we have many others. You can find our other resume templates here.

And don't forget to read our nursing interview questions. Having written a great resume or CV you're sure to make the interview and it's best to be prepared!

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