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Need Some Phone Interview Help?
Score Big With Our 11 Top Tips

How you answer phone interview questions is as important as what answer you give, so take some time to think about how you come across to your interviewer.

We'll start with the HOW of answering phone job interview questions.

Then we'll cover the WHAT.

And once you've read our phone interview help, you'll feel ready to face anything your interviewer throws at you.

Phone Interview Help -- 11 Top Tips

  • Be Positive

Negativity is contagious and unwelcome and many people are negative without even knowing it. Don't be. Your interviewer does not want to hear how much you dislike your current boss or about the lady at your last job who talked behind your back, or about the disagreements you had with your supervisor.

Focus instead on the positive aspects of your current role and the benefits of moving to the new one.

  • Use Examples To Back Up Your Statements

The more interested your interviewer is in what you have to say, the better. Because they don't have an image of your face to set you apart from others, you need to draw pictures with your words.

If you are asked about your best experience in the workplace, say what it is and then tell the story. Make your interviewer understand why you answer each interview question the way you do. That way, even if they do not agree, they can have a bit of insight into your capabilities and how they fit the job in question.

  • Refer To Your Notes

There is nothing wrong with referring to interview notes you've made beforehand. In fact, this shows you've prepared for your phone interview which is a good thing.

When you need to, simply say "I just need a moment to refer to my notes. Is that ok?".

We've interviewed candidates who have made notes. Many don't find the need to refer to them, which is fine. Others struggle with their job interview answers but don't ask to use their notes. We think it's because they're embarrassed. Don't be. It shows confidence and preparation to ask to refer to notes.

As you read our phone interview help and start to prepare, always have in mind the need to come across positively to your interviewers.

  • Take The initiative

If you've prepared for your phone interview you might have expected to talk about something important to you. If you've not been asked a job interview question which allows you to, it's ok to raise the subject yourself. After all, this is your one chance to sell yourself, so you shouldn't waste the opportunity.

Simply raise the subject at the end of the interview by saying "I've not had the opportunity to talk to you about A. Do you mind if I spend just a few moments telling you?".

  • Know When To Stop

When you've given a good, full interview answer, don't be tempted to fill any silences which follow. Sometimes we, as interviewers, use silence to see how you'll react. You can always say "does that answer your question?" if you're worried your interviewers are expecting more.

There are many different ways to go about telephone interviews and hopefully our phone interview help has given you some ideas. Some methods work and others do not. In the end, confidence, assertiveness, articulation and eloquence will win, along with a great personality and a list of attributes.

Keep that in mind as you read our phone interview help and prepare for your next phone interview.

It will improve your chances of getting the job by a mile.

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