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Preparation For Job Interview - Get Ahead!

We've already explained why preparing for a job interview must include research and given you advice on researching the Company.

The same applies to research about the job itself.

Preparation For Job Interview -- Know The Job

We always ask interviewees to tell us about the job for which they are being interviewed. Believe it or not, some do not know what the job entails day to day, even some internal applicants. As we said before, we‘ll often wrap the interview up quickly for the same 2 reasons:

  1. Do they really want the job?
  2. Do we really want them?

Follow the same research avenues we described on the page before. Whichever avenues you choose, preparing for a job interview must involve finding something out about the job.

Quick Tip! If you don't understand what a word or phrase in the job advertisement means, contact the name given in the ad and ask them.

Often, when someone is sorting through a pile of job applications, CVs or resumes, they'll remember that you called, showed interest in the job and used your initiative.

You may just have demonstrated one of the key qualities they were looking for! It’s better than not knowing the word or phrase if asked in the interview!

Job Interview Preparation -- Know Yourself

Make sure you re-read the job advertisement and your employment application form, CV or resume before the job interview and take copies of both with you.

Don't arrive at the job interview not remembering what you wrote in your CV, resume or job application form. People do!

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