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Prepare For Interview And You Will Do Better

As part of our Job Interview Guide we've already covered the various types of job interview so you have a good idea what to expect in each.

Here we explain how to prepare for interview so you do your best.

How To Prepare For Interview

Are you familiar with the phrase "failing to prepare is preparing to fail"?

Well this is true of (almost) everything and job interviews are no exception. If you are well prepared, you will have a much better chance of landing the job you want.

Studies have shown that people who prepare for interview:

  • Feel more relaxed during the interview
  • Know more about the job
  • Are able to anticipate most of the questions they’ll be asked in the interview
  • Have answers prepared for those questions that show them in the best possible light
  • Sell themselves effectively
  • Come out of the interview feeling that they have done well

Here are the best ways to prepare for interview.

Carry Out Good Research

Thorough research is an important part of preparing for an interview.

We've interviewed job candidates who have done little (and even no) research about the company or the position they are being interviewed for. You're off to a bad start if you haven't because "What do you know about our Company/this position" is usually one of the first interview questions we ask.

When the candidate has no good answer for this question, we often end the job interview quickly for these two reasons:

  1. Do they really want this job?
  2. Do we really want them in our Company?

Because if they weren't motivated enough to do some research, they are not likely to be motivated enough to do a good job if we employ them!

Being well prepared is important, so start doing your research immediately. You might be called in for an interview at short notice, so you'll want to prepare for interview ahead of time. While the advertisement will give you with some information, you'll want to be armed with all the information you can find.

Remember that research will not only make you better informed about the position -- it will also let you know if you are getting into something you really don't want.

What Do I Research and How?

It's easier to prepare for interview if you know someone who is currently employed by the company you wish to join, especially if they work in the department which has the job opening you're interested in.

But don't panic if you don't know someone at the company -- you can get the information you need in other ways.

Know the Company

The company you are interested in probably has a website. Read their site and take notes -- you can refer to your notes during the interview if needed. But memorize the most important facts about the company -- this will demonstrate your genuine interest.

If the company does not have a website, get some company literature and be sure to mention that you need it to prepare for interview -- this may score you some points for initiative.

If they don't have this resource, go ahead and ask for an appointment with someone at the company to get information -- this will really demonstrate your interest in the company and your determination to win the position.

If asked, we meet with candidates to provide information even before they submit a resume. This provides job candidates with an opportunity to make a good impression before everyone else gets a chance. Most of these candidates come from within the company, but we also meet with some outside candidates. Not as many as we'd like, since many are timid about asking for an appointment -- you shouldn't be however.

However you prepare for interview, make sure to learn as much as you can about the company.

Know the Job

We ask every candidate to tell us about the job they are interested in. Many have no idea -- even candidates who come from within the company! We often end the interview early for the same 2 reasons we gave before.

So get all the information you can about the company and find out some of the particulars of the job too.

And if you run across a word or phrase in the job advertisement which you don't understand, look it up or contact the company and ask them. The initiative you displayed may be exactly what they are looking for in a candidate and when they are looking through a pile of resumes later, they might remember that you called -- making you much more likely to get a job interview.

In any case, it's far better than finding out you don't know the word or phrase when it inevitably comes up during the interview!

Know Yourself!

Read the advertisement carefully before you head to the interview as well as your resume, CV or job application form and take copies of each with you. You definitely don't want to make the mistake of arriving at an interview not remembering the particulars of the ad -- or worse yet, what's on your own resume!

How Else Can I Prepare For Interview?

Job interview dressing is an important part of any job interview. We'll give you tips on how to dress to impress!

Calming your nerves and displaying the right body language are important too, so here are some tips for job interview on both.

And if you download this Job Interview Guide, we'll throw in some tips on making the right impression when arriving for your interview as well as 54 questions and answers and a free bonus - "The 10 Most Critical Mistakes To Avoid In Your Job Interview".

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