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Preparing For A Job Interview Made Easy

Good research is a vital part of your job interview preparation. We'll explain why and show you how to do it.

Preparing For A Job Interview -- Research

We have interviewed candidates who have clearly done little, and sometimes no research about our Company or the job we're interviewing them for.

And because "What do you know about our Company/the job" is usually our second or third interview question, the interview is off to a bad start if you can't answer this.

Often we‘ll wrap it up quickly for 2 reasons.

  1. Do you really want the job?
  2. Do we really want you?

After all, you weren't keen enough to do any research. And if you're not prepared to put in the effort to do any, how effective an employee are you likely to be?

It seems harsh but you see our point.

Good job interview preparation will be invaluable so don't delay starting your research. You may be called for a job interview at short notice so you need to get ready. The job advert will have given you some information but you will need more.

Don't forget that research is not just to ensure you are well informed and can answer interview questions well. It's also for your benefit to make sure that you're making the career right move for you!

WHAT Do I Research And HOW?

Preparing for a job interview is easier if you already know someone who works for the employer. Even better if they work in the department where the job vacancy is! But don't worry if not –- there are other ways to find out what you need.

1. Know The Company

Most companies have a website. Read it and make notes. Take the notes with you. You can always refer to them in your job interview.

But memorize some key facts. After all, you want to join the Company so you should be interested enough to remember some.

If they don't have a website, ask them to send you some company literature. Tell them you're preparing for a job interview with them. If it’s a small company, they will remember that you asked and you'll score brownie points for your initiative.

If they have no literature, ask for an appointment. Go on! Again, tell them you are hoping to join them soon and are preparing for a job interview with them. Most small companies love to talk about their success and will be thrilled you want to too.

We regularly meet with candidates before they submit CVs, resumes or job application forms and/or before job interviews. It's a chance to make a good first impression before everyone else.

Granted, most of these are internal candidates, but we have met some external ones too. Not many, because people are often too afraid to ask -- don’t be.

But whichever route you choose, preparing for a job interview must involve finding something out about the Company.

2. Know The Job

Your preparation for job interview must also involve finding out about the job itself - here's how.

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