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Increase Your Chances Of Getting Hired
By Preparing For Job Interview

No matter if it's the first or the hundredth time you've been for a job interview, and whether you're confident of getting the job or not, preparing for your job interview is essential.

Because when you know you're well prepared, you will be far less nervous and give a much better interview performance. Then your chances of landing your ideal job rise considerably.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help make sure you're prepared for your job interview.

Preparing For Job Interview - 5 Tips

1. Research the job, the company and even the interviewer

If you are not absolutely sure what the duties of the job are, you should make an effort to find out. You can usually do this by making a simple phone call. You don't necessarily have to call the person who would be your boss, though this is best.

Then when you're asked "What do you think you'll be doing day to day if we offer you this job?", you can answer with confidence.

And make sure you know something about the company or organisation too. As part of your preparing for job interview do some research on the internet, or ask for some company literature. That way you'll be prepared when your interviewers ask you "Why do you want to work here?"

Know your interviewer too. It may not be a bad idea to call the receptionist at the company and find out who your boss would be if you were offered the position. If they can't answer this, ask the human resources department. You don't have to tell them who you are, but you can tell them you are interested in the job and want to send your resume for the attention of this person. You can even follow up by going ahead and sending your resume to them.

If you can, find out what the position of the person interviewing you is and try Googling them to see if there is any mention of them in the news. You might, for instance, want to congratulate them if they've won an award. Don't go too far though and keep things professional.

2. Prepare answers to common interview questions

You should be ready for a few of the most common job interview questions such as why you want to quit your current job and what your greatest strengths are. After you've been to many job interviews, you'll see that there are some questions which are asked in nearly every interview. As part of preparing for job interview, consider how you would answer them. You should sound confident, but be willing to acknowledge your development needs.

With this is mind, you should think about how to answer questions about your weaknesses. You need to come up with an answer similar to one your referees would give, if they were asked. You may even want to ask your referees what they would say.

Few interviewees answer questions about weaknesses well, so it's an opportunity to score more points than your competition at the job interview.

3. Think about your own questions to ask

While preparing for job interview, think about questions you can ask. Asking some good questions of your own shows your interviewers you are serious about the position and confident enough to ask them more about it.

And asking good questions not only allows you to find out details which may affect your decision to take the job, but it creates a last good impression.

If you're stuck for ideas, here are some good interview questions to ask.

4. Consider your appearance

Part of preparing for job interview involves thinking about your appearance.

Dress smartly and conservatively, whatever the work environment. Think also about your hair, perfume, nails, shoes and so on as they all contribute to how you look. Here are some extra tips on interview clothes and appearance if you want more advice.

But make sure you feel comfortable. That way you're feel more confident, give a better job interview performance and land the job.

5. Reduce nerves and display the right body language

Everyone gets nervous before a job interview - it's normal. Here are some simple tips to help you calm your nerves when preparing for job interview.

And when it comes to body language, remember to give out the right signals and avoid the wrong ones. Sit up straight, unfold your arms and maintain good eye contact with all interviewers. You will create a better impression and this goes a long way to helping you get hired.

There's more on body language here.

Follow these 5 tips on preparing for job interview and you WILL increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Good Luck!

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