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How To Get Your Resume In The 'Yes' Pile!

Did you know that employers spend, on average, only 10-15 seconds on each CV or resume and that 82-94% of job applicants don't make it to interview? And that was before the recession!

If you want to beat these odds, you're in the right place.

I'm a recruiter and interviewer offering professional resume help to jobseekers wanting to increase their job interview opportunities.

Do I Need Professional Resume Help?

To be in the top 6-18% your CV or resume must grab interviewers' attention and hold it long enough for them to read it in full. This means that your CV or resume must be:

  • Relevant
    Don't simply dig out your latest CV or resume and send it in with a cover letter. A good resume or CV must be tailored to the job for which you're applying. My professional resume help shows you how.
  • Clear -- in both presentation and content
    Your CV or resume must be easy on the eye. Sections must be clearly labelled and easily spottable. Use bullets, not lists. Don't mix fonts and overuse bold, italics or underlines. Use plain english and short, active sentences.
  • Concise
    2 pages is plenty. Interviewers often receive scores of CVs or resumes for every position, especially these days. They just don't have time to read long ones, particularly when they lack relevance to the position. My professional resume help shows you how.
  • Compelling
    The interviewers must feel they're missing out if they don't interview you. Sell your experience, achievements and skills so they match the job advert criteria exactly.

It this all seems a bit much, don't worry - I can help you.

If you'd like my professional resume help and want to see some examples of my work, here's one - before and after my help.

This resume was sent to me by Albert. It's reproduced here with his kind permission (some personal details changed). Albert wanted professional resume help to improve his chances of landing an interview.

Example Resume 'Before' Professional Resume Help



Albert L

Colombia N23 F23



CH: 19666 

Tel: 00-999-9-999(home), 00-999-99-999 (mobile)

//office: 00-999-9-999 ext 122

Email: alex@writetome.gub.uy

Planner and Manager of Antarctic Operations
Coordinator Of COMNAP's Antarctic Training Network
COMNAP's Projects Manager
National Representative to COMNAP

Starting initially in the 90's as a Scientific Researcher in Antarctic Glaciology , by the 2000 became a highly experienced manager of National Antarctic Operations in support of Scientific Research in the Antarctic Treaty Area.Proven by own's performance and management at extreme harsh environments and HQ planning level , worked in multicultural environments and by international cooperation . Also, at United Nations Missions at HQ level managing Sectors for Operational, logistics, administrative and functioning matters. Accomplished results orientated Antarctic operations expert with proven success in Research, Safety, Shipping, Aviation, Training, and Logistics, also Key member of various COMNAP's working groups and representative as COMNAP expert in other Antartic related organizations and workshops. Planning Officer at National level for the National Antarctic Program and National Delegate to International forums on Antarctic Operations and Logistics of decision takers and Antarctic Science Managers and Researchers Working Groups and Committees. Respected leader with strong ethic and technical proficiency. Now performing tasks as Planning and Training Officer at the Uruguayan Antarctic Program , designated as Antarctic Treaty Inspector for Uruguay. 

Areas of Work Experience and tasks in worldwide operations and

  • International Field Operations in Antarctica by sea, air and land in West Sector (Peninsula)
  • Scientific research in Ocean Sciences in Antarctic Waters.
  • Glaciological research in West Antarctica Ice caps by International Cooperation with China,PR, Republic of Korea , and Spain. International Polar initiatives.
  • Charting & Surveying, in Antarctica , Field data process
  • Search & Rescue in Antarctica , Safety of Antarctic Operations , including Fire fighting and MEDEVAC.
  • Movement Control (MOVCON), Ship Operations (SHIPOPS) , Air Operations AIROPS, sea/air /land transportation of goods and pax
  • United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea : Management of Administration, Logistics and Operations.
  • Supply and Logistics for overseas stations and UN missions.
  • Administration and accounting.
  • Public relations. Sponsoring
  • Planning, lead and perform Multinational Antartic Expeditions
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • HQ and Staff work
  • Secretariat
  • Team leadership
  • Instructor, Training of team member's, stations ,crews and staff.
  • Manager and National Delegate
  • Briefing of VIPs from UN, Governments, Academies , Universities and International Organizations.
  • Preparation of MOU for International Cooperation with UK (hydrography), Rep.of Korea , PR. China,and Spain (Science and support)

Work Experience within COMNAP

  • Uruguayan national representative on the COMNAP's Standing committee on Antarctic Logistics Operations (SCALOP)
  • COMNAP's Training Network Coordinator
  • Manager of the development of the online library of training Material of COMNAP.
  • Core member of Safety Working Group.
  • Member of Ship Operations Working Group.
  • COMNAP Project Manager on Hydrography "Developing Guidelines for the use of Ships of oportunity"
  • Secondment at COMNAP secretariat 2, August - September 2007
  • Member of COMNAP delegation at Antarctic Search and Rescue Workshop
  • COMNAP representative at the International Hydrographic Organisation's Hydrographic committee in Antarctica.
  • Responsible for preparation of national reports, update information on COMNAP Publications (Antarctic telecomunications Operation Manual- ATOM, Antarctic Flight Information Manual -AFIM , COMNAP's Ship Positioning Report System SPRS)

Education and Training

  • Naval Academy (Uruguay)
  • Hydrographic Surveyor and Oceanography at Hydrographic Office (Uruguay)
  • Glaciology at the Lanzhou Institute of Glaciology and Geocryology, Chinese Academy of Sciences ,Honorary Research Member , P. R. China.
  • Aerial Staff College(Uruguay)
  • Complementary Courses in Geography at Faculty of Sciences (Uruguay
  • Computing University (Uruguay)
  • Negotiation and mediation, Harvard Methods
  • UN Logistics
  • UN Operational Logistics
  • Transportation Management


  1. El glacier collins (isla rey Jorge - Shetland del Sur) como sensor natural del calentamiento global en la antartida,Implementacion de una Cuenca Piloto Experimental, con registro continuo plurianual de la descarga hídrica glaciar A. Eraso1, C. Domínguez2 , A. Lluberas3
  2. Natural and anthropogenic heavy metal deposition to the snow in King George Island, Antarctic Peninsula Sungmin Hong1*, Albert Lluberas2, Gangwoong Lee3, Jun Kun Park1
  3. Determination of glacier velocities on King George Island(Antarctica) by DinSAR Albert Moll(1) , Matthias Braun(1) , and Albert Lluberas(2)
  4. A clean protocol for determining ultralow heavy metal concentrations: its application to the analysis of Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn and Mn in Antarctic snow ,Sungmin Hong1*, Albert Lluberas2, Fernando Rodriguez2

Achievements and Awards

XXXX doubt what to insertXX


Reference Name
text removed from original resume
Business / Occupation
text removed from original resume
Telephone Number
text removed from original resume
text removed from original resume
Reference Name
text removed from original resume
Business / Occupation
text removed from original resume
Telephone Number
text removed from original resume
text removed from original resume
Reference Name
text removed from original resume
Business / Occupation
text removed from original resume
Telephone Number
text removed from original resume
text removed from original resume

ANNEX "Statement of Capabilities"

Doubt how to do this.


Example Resume 'After' Professional Resume Help

That was Albert's original resume. He wrote to me asking for professional resume help because he wanted to increase his chances of landing an interview. Here's the resume I gave back to him after my help. See for yourself the difference professional resume help can make to your chances of landing an interview.

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