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Looking For Resume Cover Letter Templates?

If the answer is "yes", this article is for you.

It's true that a well written resume cover letter can mean the difference between getting a job interview or not.

This is because an interviewer is much more likely to read your resume or CV in full if your cover letter (which he or she reads first) captures his or her interest.

Interviewers often have scores of resumes to read and skim-read most. If you have captured their interest in the opening lines of your attached cover letter, you stand a much better chance of getting a full hearing.

We know -- we interview -- and we read all cover letters in full!

Do You Have Resume Cover Letter Templates I Can Use?

Yes. Here's one if you are approaching an employment or recruitment agency to find work.


Jane Fisher

555 Wishing Well Lane


MA 00065

2 March 2011

Mr Simon Smyth

Smyth Recruiting

123 Middleford Blvd

Ste. 300


Dear Mr Smyth

I am an experienced IT Supervisor and have had a successful career running IT Support teams in a variety of organizations including large banks and insurance businesses.

I am writing to ask whether any of your clients have need of this type of assistance.

I have enclosed my resume. You'll see that my main strengths lie in:

  • Reducing IT fault-fix-time through improved automation
  • Increasing customer IT awareness resulting in lower call outs
  • Capturing root-cause information and reducing fault reoccurrence

If you should have any suitable opportunities in the Illinois area, I would be amenable to a package approximating $45,000.

Please contact me at the address and/or telephone number above.

Yours sincerely

Jane Fisher


Do You Have Other Resume Cover Letter Templates?

Yes we do. If your download our Cover Letters Guide you'll receive 4 resume cover letter templates and examples.

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