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How To Write Great Resume Cover Letters

On the first page of our Cover Letters Guide we mentioned that there are several types of cover letter.

We've already explained:

Here we explain Networking Letters and show you where to go for good cover letter examples.

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3. Personal Networking Letters

'Networking' is simply about making personal contacts with a view to finding out about job vacancies. It has been used by many jobseekers to find and win job roles and is worth considering if you want to maximize your job search opportunities.

When doing a job search, networking allows you to make contacts that may help you find new resources for jobs you might not otherwise have thought of. When you do this, you can then apply for those positions you're interested in, provided you have the proper skills and talents.

When you send a networking cover letter, you should set it as follows:

  • Opening
    In your first paragraph -- your introduction -- you should briefly mention what your relationship is with your contact so that he or she can quickly identify you. It should also be subtly complimentary and perhaps express gratitude for his or her assistance.
  • Objective
    Here you explain that you're looking for another job or a career change. You should be clear that you are not asking your contact for a job, but simply a bit of advice and time from someone you respect who may be able to help.
    Indicate specifically the assistance you want. For example, you could say:

"I understand you have many years of expertise in the insurance industry. I'm looking for a job in that area myself and would appreciate any advice you have. Could you tell me a little bit more about...?"

  • Once you've finished explaining your objective remind the reader that you don't expect them to help you find a job, only that you're looking for some advice. Our cover letter examples will show you how to do this.
  • Closing
    The last paragraph of your resume cover letter should be of brief closing remarks along with a short sentence that leaves the ball in your court. Tell the contact that you will take the next step by saying something like:

"I will call you the week of the 24th, if that's all right."

Do You Have Examples Of Networking Cover Letters?

Other Ways To Get Great Cover Letters

If you're looking for alternative resume cover letter help, here are some other resources to consider:

  • Some of our customers have used the Amazing Covering Letter Creator! to win interviews. With this you can quickly and easily crank out a great cover letter, guaranteed to keep your phone ringing. With just a click-of-a-button you fill in the blanks and in just 3.5 minutes out pops a brilliantly worded and perfectly crafted application letter -- 100% customized for you. So far, over 19,000 job-seekers in over 25 different countries have used this software to land their perfect job.
  • And if you decide to use a Specialist to write a resume or CV, a covering letter is often included in the package so find out.
  • Alternatively Catherine can write and review your cover letter as part of My Services.
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