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What Resume Format Template Should I Use?

On page 2 of our Help Build A Resume Guide we explained why choosing a CV or resume format was the last, not the first step of resume writing.

So if you've arrived at this page first, you might want to go back to the beginning -- it's up to you.

You can format your CV or resume in a number of different ways. Choose one that suits your potential employer/industry and that you're comfortable with.

In this section we explain some of the common types and give several templates and examples you can use to suit your needs.

By way of introduction, here's a summary of each.

CV And Resume Formats

Reverse Chronological

Still the mostly commonly used resume and CV format where you begin with your current job and work backwards. This is perfectly acceptable resume format for most jobs.


This particular format emphasizes your skills, abilities and achievements. Experience and qualifications are less relevant, so it's a good one if you have little experience and/or qualifications.


This focuses on a specific job target and you state this at the top of your CV or resume -- good when you're going for a very specific role.

Do You Have A Resume Format Template?


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