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Get Noticed With A Powerful Resume Objective

At the start of our Help Building A Resume Guide we explained how important it is to plan your resume or CV.

We've already covered:

Here's Step 3.

Step 3 -- Writing A Resume Objective

It will set you apart from other candidates if you can include an objective or some kind of personal summary at the beginning of your resume or CV.

It should state, briefly but clearly:

  • Why you want the job
  • Why you are a suitable candidate
  • What benefits you can bring to the company or organization

The benefits of a good resume objective or personal summary can't be overstated. In short, all employers want answers to these three questions and you can expect to be asked them in your job interview. What better way to impress your interviewer and win their attention than by answering these up front in the opening paragraph of your resume or CV?

Here are two good examples:

"As a fully trained elementary school teacher with more than 8 years varied teaching experience, I am at a point in my career where I would like to take on more responsibility in a larger school.

I would love to join your teaching staff and would also welcome the opportunity to contribute to your school's extra-curricular programs. I feel that my strong dedication and desire to take on a busier workload, together with my track record of improving results, make me an ideal candidate for the teaching position you have available."

"I am a results-driven, confident Sales Executive with 11 years varied experience and enjoy a superb track record for exceeding sales targets. Last year I reached my yearly sales target after only 7 months and went on to beat the previous record by 26%.

I want to expand my sales repertoire into the field of personal insurance and am confident I can help you achieve your ambitious sales and market share targets. I believe that if you accept me into your position of Senior Sales Executive, you won't be disappointed."

Step 4 -- Rewrite Using 'Trigger' Words

This is the final step in planning your resume or CV. Discover how to build a resume using 'trigger' words.

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