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Top CV And Resume Resources
To Help You Land Your Dream Job

These recommended resume and CV resources will get you a winning CV or Resume so it's time to stop looking for help and start receiving it! In our opinion these CV and resume resources are the most effective and value-for-money products and services out there. Each offers you different things so have a read and see which one, or ones, suit you.

We do keep researching however, and will add other CV and resume recommendations which we think equal or beat these high standards.

CV and Resume Resources

They'll never know, unless it's on your resume.

e-resume.net is a first class resume writing company, recommended across the US by the L.A. Times. They are the chief resume writing company in America and can help your resume and cover letter be better than your competition's. Their team of professional CV and resume writers, all members of MENSA, are waiting to help you create a resume that STANDS OUT from the rest!

Professional CV Writing Services

The CV Centre is the UK's premier CV writing service and with prices starting at only £32.50, they are also the best priced. The benefits of a persuasively written and excellently presented resume or CV can't be overstated. The CV Centre's objective is to help you sell your talents effectively, and their service is supported by a 100% Money-Back and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

resume resources

The Amazing Resume Creator guarantees to increase your interview opportunities, simply and easily. It's great if you're short of time or have writer's block! In only 10 minutes, you can create a brilliant resume that is guaranteed to have your phone ringing with great job interviews offers... Without Having To Write One Word! Check it out.

resume objective

Check out my Resumes and CVs Guide too. It's only $5 and shows you:

  • How to grab interviewer's attention in seconds
  • Ways to sell yourself in under 100 words
  • What to say to beat your competition
  • How to guarantee your resume or CV is read IN
Use my services and land your dream job.

And finally, I've helped lots of people win job interviews by writing or re-writing their resumes and CVs. Read about My Services and see what I can do for you. Sometimes the personal touch is just the difference you need.

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