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Most resume templates on the internet are blank. They list the CV or resume headings, give general advice about what to include and that's it.

But when you're looking for inspiration, that's often not enough!

So we're teaming up with customers and colleagues to bring you real-life, completed CVs and sample resumes.

Use these to write your own CV or resume, following our Help Build a Resume and CV Guide as you go.

And if you'd like us to include your CV or resume here please contact Catherine for details.

But first some information...

Resume and CV Template Styles

Most CVs and resumes are written in 1 of 5 styles:

  • Chronological CVs and Resumes
    This style is the most common and is best written in reverse order with your current job and most recent experience/qualifications listed first.
    Learn more about the chronological resume format here
  • Functional CVs and Resumes
    This style emphasizes your skills and abilities more than your qualifications and experience. Dates are less relevant. It's a good one to use if you've not got much experience and/or many qualifications.
    Learn more about functional resume formats here
  • Target CVs and Resumes
    This style is used when you want to target a specific job role or industry.
    Learn more about target resume formats here
  • Skill Based Resumes
    This style is similar to the functional format and is useful if your skills are a better advertisement of you than your job history.
    Learn more about skill based resume formats here
  • Combination CVs and Resumes
    This style is really a combination of other styles above and gives you the most freedom to tailor your resume or CV to the job or employer. Most of our sample resumes are in this style.

Free Resume Templates

Here are the first 11 free resume examples. Catherine wrote the first two and the last one for clients as part of her Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service.

This list is growing so do come back for more.

To help it grow faster, why not send us your CV or resume to review?

If you would like to download a free resume or CV template, there's one here.

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