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I wrote this resume for Albert who sent me his draft asking for resume help:

Example Resume 'After' Professional Resume Help


Albert L
Colombia N23 F23
CH: 19666
00-999-9-999 (home)
00-999-99-999 (mobile)
00-999-9-999 ext 122 (office)

Personal Summary

With over 22 years varied experience in the field of Antarctic research, including 6 years active involvement with COMNAP, I believe I am ideally suited to the position of Executive Secretary.

I am passionate about my work and committed to the support of scientific research in Antarctica. The role of Executive Secretary will allow me to continue the good work I have done for COMNAP in recent years by taking on a more direct and active role.

Relevant Capabilities

  • Interpretation of relevant national and international laws, rules, practices and procedures to ensure Antarctic research activities comply with the requirements of COMNAP and the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS)
  • Verbal presentation of relevant information to multiple and diverse audiences worldwide, in a number of languages to ensure consistency of information and approach
  • Writing of briefs, procedures, plans, regular and on-off reports for distribution to varied audiences to maintain timely flow of information and advice
  • Financial planning and management of project and operations activity to meet budget demands
  • Decision making at an international level to enable activity completion within cost and time constraints
  • Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with individuals from multiple counties and diverse backgrounds to encourage international cooperation
  • Effective planning and execution of both personal and group tasks at national and international level to enable project delivery
  • Strategic thinking and political and business awareness to ensure activities, individuals and the principles of ATS are not compromised
  • Administration, including accurate recording keeping, computer skills and general IT competence

Relevant Achievements

  • In December 2008 I received a certificate from Antoine Guichard, COMNAP Executive Secretary, highlighting my active contribution to COMNAP's work in the last six years
  • In 2007 I was seconded by COMNAP to develop and implement an online library of training material for members. I received the only applause at the 2008 AGM meeting in Russia for completing this activity
  • In 2008 I was chosen by COMNAP to attend a Search and Rescue workshop in Chile and report to the workshop on Uruguay's safety developments
  • At COMNAP's request, I successfully developed operational guidelines for the use of ships of opportunity for hydrography and represented COMNAP at the 2008 meeting of the Hydrographic Committee in Antarctica
  • I was selected (among National Antarctic Program Researchers) to represent Uruguay at International Forums for science planning and decision taking. In some Forums, I was elected to act as Chair
  • In previous roles I achieved a top position in only the third month of a one-year duty after attending a multinational Selection Board comprising candidates from different countries. I was also given credit in a Confidential Report for an above average performance in all matters related to operations
  • I have successfully planned and implemented numerous national and multinational research expeditions and field operations in harsh and risky environments
  • I have gained and maintained a highly respected reputation within the International Antarctic Community resulting in very fruitful multinational cooperation to the benefit of Antarctic research
  • I have also won awards for the following activities:

    - UN missions

    - Antarctic Missions and researches

    - Cooperation for MOU between UK and UY Hydrographic Office

    - Studies in China (Honorary Research member)

    - Designated Lecturer of National Strategic Courses Center

Relevant Work Experience


  • Logistics and Operations - Uruguayan national representative on the COMNAP Standing Committee on Antarctic Logistics Operations (SCALOP)
  • Training - Member and Coordinator of the COMNAP Training Officers Network (TRAINET) including the successful development and implementation of an online library of training material for COMNAP members during a secondment to COMNAP in September 2007
  • Safety - Core member of the COMNAP Safety Working Group
  • Shipping - Member of the COMNAP Ship Operations Working Group (SHIPOPS)
  • Attendance at COMNAP AGMs as Uruguayan National Representative

Outside COMNAP

  • International Field Operations in Antarctica by sea, air and land in West Sector (Peninsula)
  • Scientific research in Ocean Sciences in Antarctic Waters
  • Glaciological research in West Antarctica Ice caps by International Cooperation with China, PR, Republic of Korea and Spain. International Polar initiatives
  • Charting and Surveying in Antarctica. Field data process
  • Search and Rescue in Antarctica, Safety of Antarctic Operations, including Fire Fighting and MEDEVAC
  • Movement Control (MOVCON), Ship Operations (SHIPOPS), Air Operations AIROPS, sea/air/land transportation of goods and pax
  • United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea - Management of Administration, Logistics and Operations
  • Supply and Logistics for overseas stations and UN missions
  • Administration and accounting
  • Public relations. Sponsoring
  • Planning and leading Multinational Antarctic Expeditions
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • HQ and Staff work
  • Secretariat
  • Team leadership
  • Instructor and Trainer of team members, stations, crews and staff
  • Manager and National Delegate
  • Briefing of VIPs from UN, Governments, Academies, Universities and International Organizations
  • Preparation of MOU for International Cooperation with UK (hydrography), Rep. of Korea, PR, China and Spain (Science and Support)
  • Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research (SCAR): National Member Delegate, 2002, China and PR
  • SCAR Working Group on Glaciology 1992 - 2002

Relevant Qualifications and Training

UN Operational Logistics - Jan 2009
Transport Management - Dec 2008
UN Logistics Support - Nov 2008
Negotiation, Mediations and Conflict Resolution - 2006
Computer Programming – 2004
Lecturer and Key Note Speaker at National Strategic Studies Center - 2001 to 2004
Geography Complementary Courses - 1999 to 2003
Hydrography and Ocean Surveys - 1987 to 1989

Additional information requested


My native tongue is Spanish and I am fluent in English, French and Portuguese.


I am able to work at the following locations: xxxx

I am able to travel internationally for up to 3 weeks as required and able to visit Antarctica as required.


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