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How To Maximize Your Salary - 6 Salary Negotiation Tips

Negotiating a good salary in your job interview is something everyone can do with a little help. Here are 6 salary negotiation tips that will work for you and help you bargain your way to a fair salary:

6 Salary Negotiation Tips

  • The most important thing to remember when discussing your salary is that it is a negotiation. Like any form of bartering, the first figure you mention in the job interview probably won't be the figure you agree on. But it's a place to start.
  • Be confident about what you're worth. Recognise that you're bringing something unique to the Company, and that you're worth the wage you're requesting. Even if you've only just finished school or college, you still have something unique to offer and it's important to bear that in mind as you think about salary negotiation.
  • Remember also that it's not easy finding the right person for a job. If you've impressed the interviewers enough to employ you, you have the upper hand and paying a little more to keep you isn't too big a deal.
    So ask for a slightly higher salary than you expect.
  • If the job advertisement mentions a salary range, employers will be prepared to pay more for the right candidate. If you're a little uncomfortable asking for the top figure, choose one just above the mid-range. This gives the impression that you are worth a good wage and is a great place to start.
    Assuming an advertised salary range of $30,000 to $42,000, you might say this:

"I'm expecting a salary in the region of $38,000, based on my knowledge and experience".

  • Remember that salary is not everything. If the salary is less than you hoped and the Company won't or can't go any higher, ask about other benefits which are important to you like training courses, financial help with further study and so on.
  • If salary is the most important factor in your decision to accept a job, we recommend a little more reading on the subject before your interview:
    Visit Amazon.com, who have a number of good books on salary negotiation.
    For a small price, they can give you a big lead. See for yourself.

If these salary negotiation tips were useful read our introduction to salary negotiation if you've not done already.

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