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Looking for a Sample Cover
Letter that Wins Interviews?

Good cover letters really do win interviewers because most employers read these first, and in full, before looking at your resume or CV.

If your cover letter is no good, chances are your resume or CV won't be read, especially these days, when competition for every job is tough.

Here you'll find some sample cover letters showing you what good covering letters look like.

I wrote these cover letters for clients as part of my CV, resume and cover letter services. You can see for yourself the difference I made. Let me review or write your cover letter and increase your chances of landing an interview and ultimately your chances of getting hired.

Here's the first sample cover letter, showing changes I made to a client's existing letter.

The 'Before' Sample Cover Letter

Albert sent me his cover letter to review. With his permission, I've reproduced it here, exactly as he wrote it (except for some minor details, removed for privacy reasons).

This is only one of many sample cover letters I've received and rewritten for clients.


Dear Sir

I found with great pleasure that COMNAP called for aplications for replacing in 2009 the Executive Secretary of that Council , from candidates with my professional profile and training. In fact ,I would be very pleased, you would consider my application for the position at COMNAP Secretariat as it is held now. My qualifications for the available position, include my large working experience since 1988 in the Antarctic at the field performing research and logistic support to science by international cooperation , and planning national and multinational expeditions .My application is also supported by my fully involvement in a vocational service towards Antarctic System affairs and COMNAP policy within its core values , as the understanding of the importance of COMNAP and its objectives, a diverse professional level of experience and my proven ability to work effectively within the multicultural environment of the Antarctic System.

As the Uruguayan NAP Planning Officer with 10 years of experience in the post , I believe that my experience within COMNAP tasks ,with secondment at the Secretariat in Hobart during 2007, is fully applicable to the position of EXSEC. Being an Antarctic Treaty Inspector appointed by Uruguay , member of COMNAP Safety Group ,TRAINET Coordinator, SHIPOPS, having worked performing COMNAP special tasks in the web based portal development and testing , I am very experienced dealing with COMNAP matters and planning and managing Antarctic operations,decision making at international level, and other relevant skills from the positions I have held over the years. From my time as a Navy officer, with Aerial Senior Staff course , and as hydro graphic surveyor dealing with matters related to International Organizations as IHB(international Hydrographic Bureau) and IMO International Maritime Organization closely linked to Antarctic Operations I acquired a strong background useful for the needs of the COMNAP helped by University knowledge in Geography and Computing. This is complemented with several tasks at the field and sea as also by planning and performing multi-modal SAR OPS including the Antarctica . Over the years,at the NAP HQ level , working in the Planning & Operations areas I ensured the implementation of minimum operating security standards, by developing the corresponding operation procedures and contingency plans and write the national reports to the respective committees and organizations. 

For Antarctic field experience I gained it at more than 3 years in the field carrying out various expeditions since 1988 to include various Joint International Expeditions in West Antarctica with other NAP field parties , own supply and research cruises and participated by invitation as observer in foreign NAPs logistics ship operations. In addition to conducting many high-level briefings and presentations to national and international VIPs, council and forums , both at home and abroad , having Spanish as mother tongue and my fluency in English, Portuguese and French enable me to communicate effectively with most individuals working in the ATS. Being appointed at an UN mission in Africa by selection for a Senior position, I was able to successfully managed logistics and operations in harsh conditions within a multi-ethnic, mixed gender environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity. 

Working effectively with short time lines, under stressful situations with good attention to detail, a team spirit and thoughtful decision-making have all enabled me to succeed as a Uruguayan Government official , our National Antarctic Program , COMNAP and the United Nations. The many letters I have received over the last years are a good indication that others agree with my personal assessment.

It is my hope that my experience and background can be utilized by an outstanding organization as COMNAP / EXSEC . 

I am available for interview at your convenience and can begin work in due time. I may be contacted by email at albertlathotmail.com if you have any questions or to schedule an interview. I look forward to meeting with you and hope to become a contributing member of this organization in the near future.


Albert L


The 'After' Sample Cover Letter

Here's Albert's sample cover letter after I rewrote it for him. It's easy to see just what a difference I made.

I asked Albert to comment on my service and he said:

"My request was dealt with very efficiently and the product was very clear. It was a significant improvement from what I'd initially drafted on my own and for sure will make the difference. Your kindness and support is greatly appreciated."

If you'd like me to review, rewrite or even write your cover letter from scratch, please contact me for details or read more about my services here.

And if you'd like to see a second sample cover letter, before and after my help, there's one here. There's also a sample cover letter I wrote from scratch, which you can find here.

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