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A Sample Job Application Form
Which Won An Interview

Here's a real-life job application which won an interview. Have a read and use anything you wish in your own job application.

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"...energy, enthusiasm and organisational awareness..."

Others recognise my energy, my love of challenge and that I welcome change.

My Senior Manager recently said of me "X is very astute and quick thinking and has loads of drive and energy".

My Head Of said "X is very conscientious, hardworking and full of ideas as to how to make things better. She is always at the forefront of new initiatives and can be relied on to move things forward."

"...influence across the organisation at senior levels.."

My influencing skills have improved year on year and my audience has grown, from customers (as a Sales Rep), to peers and now to Senior Management.

I've supplemented practice with theory through an Influencing Skills Workshop. Among other things, this showed me the benefits of tailoring my influencing techniques to my audience.

In 2008 I volunteered to take over the review of the X framework in my Department. Progress had been slow and the need to deliver a better program was pressing. I brought together a team of managers and staff and over a few months, a revised program was designed.

I met with the Heads Of to sell the revised program to them. The new X framework was launched shortly afterwards and feedback was excellent."

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