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People resign from jobs for all sorts of reasons, some good, some bad.

Whatever your reasons, here's some advice on resigning, why and how to do it and some sample resignation letters you can use to help write your own resignation letter.

What Is Resigning and Why Do It?

Resigning, whether in writing or verbally, is a clear statement by you to your employer that you will be leaving your job.

Although telling your boss you're looking for others jobs or threatening to leave isn't the same as formally resigning, be careful what you say. Yelling 'I quit!' during a heated row with your employer may, in some cases, be taken as formal resignation. If this happens to you and you don't mean it, inform your employer as soon as possible.

Unless you're 100% sure of your decision, don't rush into resigning.

Before sending the letter, think carefully about why you're resigning and make sure it's the right thing for you. If you want to leave because of issues at work such as disagreements with colleagues or your boss for example, investigate whether these problems can in fact be resolved by using your company's grievance procedure.

It can often seem the easy option to 'cut and run' but sometimes problems can be worked through. Get some advice if you're not sure. Resigning is a big decision.

How To Resign From Your Job

If you're sure about resigning, make sure it's clear to your employer that you're formally resigning. If your contract doesn't ask for written confirmation, it's quite possible to give your resignation verbally but it's always better to do it in writing or follow it up with written confirmation.

In the letter, tell the employer you're resigning, state the notice you're giving and give the date of your last day at work. If you'd like to, it's fine to mention your reasons for leaving and even thank the employer for the time you've had with them. Our examples of resignation letters will show you how.

Remember to provide your employer with the correct amount of notice as required by law and your contract of employment.

Finally, remember that:

  • If you've given sufficient notice (in line with the terms and conditions of your contract), your employer has to accept your resignation
  • You can't take your resignation back, unless your employer lets you or your contract says you can
  • You will get your last paycheck on your usual payday unless otherwise stated - don't expect to receive it the day you leave

Sample Resignation Letters

When you're ready, here are some more example resignation letters to help you with your own.

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