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Expert Advice And Sample Cover Letters

On the page before this we gave you some general tips on writing direct approach or speculative cover letters. Here we explain how to begin such letters and show you where to go for some examples.

How To Start Your Speculative Cover Letters

The general rule of thumb is that you should try not to start your cover letters with the word "I." Instead, you might try something like this:

"Recent media coverage has said that you will be opening two further sales outlets in Manhattan in September this year. I understand you may be in need of someone with my abilities..."

"As per recent coverage in the local media, I see that you are looking for someone with experience in direct management. I have experience in this area and have worked for..."

"The London Evening News ran an article last night about your Company and how you plan to grow in the next 5 years. I may be able to help you because I have experience..."

If you want to make a solid contact, you must be able to identify a need and then show how you can fill it.

With the direct approach cover letter, you research the company before you write the cover letter. If you write a good letter, you will attract an employerÂ’s interest sufficiently that they want to meet you.

Do You Have Sample Cover Letters I Can Use?

What About Other Types Of Cover Letter?

You may need to write other cover letters as part of your job search. Here's advice and examples of cover letters in response to advertisements and Networking cover letters.

Sample cover letters continued

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