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This website is a great source of general help for jobseekers looking to gain the edge over their competition and land the job. Sometimes though, a little specific help works wonders so here's some special advice for those wanting to win a secretarial interview.

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Help With Your Secretarial Job Application

If you've discovered the ideal secretarial job and want to fend off the strong competition and win that all-important job interview, we can help you.

Get inspiration from our easy to follow Job Guides, guaranteed to improve your chances of getting noticed by the selection panel. One Guide offers help building resumes and CVs. Another makes writing covers letters child's play while a third gives advice and examples that will have you writing winning job applications.

There's even help using resume templates if you'd like to see how good resumes look.

Help With Your Interview

Almost all job interviews follow a similar pattern and your job interview for a secretarial position will be no exception.

Typically interviews comprise:

  • An opening, during which your interviewers introduce themselves, set out how the job interview will run and generally try to help you relax, hard though that might be
  • A series of job interview questions, designed to find out if you, the candidate, have the skills, experience, aptitude and attitude to make the job a success
  • An opportunity for you to ask any interview questions of your own
  • A closing, where the interviewers explain next steps

You might also be asked to sit one or more job aptitude tests so be prepared and do a little practice.

The job interview answers you give should be thorough yet concise. Say too little and your interviewers won't see your potential. Say too much and you risk losing points for poor communication.

Practice giving answers to the open-ended secretarial interview questions on the next page and ask a friend or colleague to conduct a mock job interview and give you honest feedback - many of our clients find this really helpful.

And like we said above, you too can ask questions so prepare good interview questions to ask about the job and the organisation.

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