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Target Resume Advice And Examples

On the page before we introduced 3 CV and resume template styles. Here's more information about target resume templates:

Although the targeted resume format is used less than the traditional chronological resume template, targeted resumes have the advantage of giving your potential employer proof of your skills, right at the top of your resume or CV.

He or she doesn't have to read several paragraphs before getting to why you're a good candidate!

Read our advice to see if this CV or resume format is right for you and take a look at our example for inspiration.

When Should I Use Target Resume Templates?

Use a target resume format when:

  • You plan to go for a very specific job and are clear about what is required and the ability you have to meet those requirements
  • You want to easily customize your resume or CV to emphasize your accomplishments and skills as they relate to certain employers or jobs
  • You have had no major accomplishments relevant to the job you hope to get. Unlike the other formats, the targeted resume or CV features statements about your capabilities. It is much easier to explain how general achievements relate to the job you want in this format compared to the other kinds of resume

When Shouldn't I Use This Resume Format?

Don't use a targeted resume when:

  • You are not completely sure of the exact job you want – the target – or the industry

What Do I Include In My Target Resume?

As we've said, you should use a targeted resume format when you're aiming at a specific job or job market. You state this right at the beginning of your CV or resume.

Headings generally include:

  1. Capabilities and Achievements
    These have to do with what you have done in the past and what you are able to do today in relation to the job that you are applying for.
  2. Education and Experience
    These details should go at the end of your resume or CV as they are less relevant in this resume format.

Important Points about Target Resumes

  • Be extremely clear about your job target and remember this is a description of a title or occupation that you are trying to pursue
  • When you describe your capabilities, they should answer the question of what you can do. Your achievements should answer the question of what you have done in the past
  • Make sure that your statements regarding your capabilities and achievements are short and put in bullet style

Do You Have Target Template Examples?

target resume


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