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Advice On Using Teacher ResumeTemplates And An Example

If you're looking for a teaching position, the purpose of your resume or CV is to provide evidence that you're a good teacher and give employers a reason to hire you over the competition.

If youÂ’re applying for your first teaching job, it's okay to keep your resume to only one page.

Once you have at least two years teaching experience, it's better to go to two pages to detail your work experience and accomplishments

Each profession tends to have its own standards for resumes and CVs, and teaching is no exception.

Follow this advice on teacher resume templates as a starting point. 

REQUIRED Sections on Teacher Resume Templates

  • Name and contact information
    Use a larger font for your name so it stands out.
  • Career summary/major achievements
    If you're an experienced teacher, you may want to highlight your accomplishments as in the "Achievements" section of this teacher resume template. Focus on your contribution to specific positive teaching outcomes. Everyone applying for the job has probably developed a lesson plan, but you may be the only one to have led a statewide initiative on interdisciplinary lesson planning.
    Skip this section if you are just starting out in teaching.
  • Certifications
    List your certifications, licenses, and endorsements and the dates.
  • Teaching experience
    Start with the most recent first. List the school, city and state, and your position. Use bullet points (no more than five) to describe your teaching responsibilities. Provide more information on recent jobs, less on earlier jobs.
    Use action words such as instruct, teach, prepare, facilitate, develop, coordinate, etc.
  • Related experience
    List jobs and volunteer work where you gained teaching experience. Include employment in your teaching field, even if that job did not include teaching. For example, if you are a science teacher, include your summer job working in a hospital laboratory.
    If you are a new teacher, include experience working with children even if it wasn't teaching.
  • Education
    List each post-secondary school you attended, with dates, degrees, and courses of study.

OPTIONAL Sections on Teacher Resume Templates

Include any additional information that demonstrates your teaching skills. You can add this info to the required sections, or make a separate section. Select from the following:

  • Career objective
    Either write a simple one-sentence statement of what kind of job you're seeking or a longer, more detailed explanation of your goals, as in these resume objective examples.
    Make sure your objective is consistent with the job. If your objective is to teach secondary math and the position is for a middle school science teacher for example, you won't make it through the first round of hiring. Simple advice we know, but it does happen!
  • Honors and activities
    If you have honors such as scholarships, achievement awards, Dean's List, etc., include them. List community activities and awards as well.
  • Special skills
    Include fluency in languages, advanced computer skills, or other skills that enhance your attractiveness as a teacher.
  • Professional development
    Add teaching-related workshops or classes not part of your academic education.
  • Professional memberships
    List professional associations to which you belong and any leadership positions you have.

Using Teacher Resume Templates

Your challenge in creating your resume is to briefly and succinctly portray your abilities in the best possible light. Everyone is different, with a unique combination of experience, skills, and personal attributes. Before you write your resume, compile your information for the required and optional sections of the teacher resume template above.

Once your credentials are down on paper, you can decide which elements best demonstrate your ability as a teacher. Focus on your strengths to sell yourself to prospective employers.

Here's a teacher resume template example which a visitor sent us to share on this website if you'd like to see how a real-life teacher resume looks.

What About Other Resume Templates?

We hope you found our teacher resume template advice useful when writing your own resume or CV.

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In addition to our teacher resume template, we have many others. You can find our other resume templates here.

And don't leave without checking out our teacher interview questions. With a great resume you're sure to make the interview and it's best to be prepared!

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