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Should I Use A Template For CV?
Read Our Advice Before You Decide

We believe there are times when a free resume template or a free CV template can win you a job interview and there's one at the bottom of this page.

But we also believe these times are becoming less and less, for 3 reasons:

  1. Increased competition in the jobs market, as unemployment rates rise
  2. Increased sophistication among job-hunters, keen to be one step ahead of the competition
  3. The low cost of having a tailor-made resume or CV written for you, making free templates less attractive

So When Can I Use A Template For CV?

In our view, a free template for CV can be used only where there is little competition and/or where employers are likely to have lower expectations, such as lower graded jobs.

Catherine's (one of the site authors) nephew left school this summer, intending to go to college in the autumn. He wanted a job for a year, just to save some money.

His CV was simple and limited (as you'd expect for a teenager) but sufficient to win him an interview.

He's now working in a DIY outlet. He chose to use a free CV template. After college, when he wants an in-demand job, free resume templates just won't do!

In our opinion, and in the opinion of many industry professionals, you will have trouble winning interviews for tough jobs with free CV templates.

Aren't Professional Resumes and CVs Expensive?

No. You don't have to spend a lot of money getting a good CV or resume written for you. It is possible to have a professional write a resume or CV for you for only $50 or £25, though like everything, standards go up with prices.

Our advice? Get a personal recommendation or look for a professional Company with good feedback and who offer some form of guarantee should your CV or resume not win you interviews. This keeps the Company working for you! Giving you free updates for 12 months let's say, is also a bonus.

There are many good Companies out there who will write a resume for you and we've listed what we believe to be the best here.

But if you'd rather not do this, check out our resume resources where you can find lots of information and advice to help you write a CV or resume that wins you interviews.

Here Is A Free Template For CV

If the job you're going for is likely to attract little competition or you expect the employer's standards to be low, for whatever reason, a free template for CV might work for you.

You can download a FREE template for CV here.

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