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10 Test Taking Tips ~ Pass The Test
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This section of our website is all about helping you pass your job aptitude test so you win that job interview and then the job. In a moment we'll give you specific test taking tips on:

Armed with these tips, you'll improve your performance in selection tests and be well on your way to landing your ideal job.

But we'll start with some general information on job aptitude tests...

General Test Taking Tips

  • Don't be concerned about employee selection testing. All that's being measured is your overall aptitude for a given position and math and numerical tests aside, there are generally no 'right' or 'wrong' answers.
  • Most job selection tests are carried out under exam conditions. The majority are multiple choice and there are time limits. It's unusual for all candidates to complete the test before the time is up, so don't worry if you're one of them.
  • Unlike other tests, job aptitude tests don't normally have a 'pass mark' as such. Your results are usually compared with the test results of people doing the job you're applying for.
  • Job aptitude tests can cover more than one area. Although there are many types, one section might measure your ability to reason with numbers, another might focus on how you interpret text and a third might measure how you read diagrams.
  • Try to find out the type or types of job selection test you're facing so you can practice. We'd suggest calling the Personnel or HR Department and asking them. They may say no, but in our experience most don't and it can give you a headstart - especially if your competitors don't ask!

10 Test Taking Tips To Improve Your Performance

Here are 10 test taking tips proven to help your performance:

  • Reach the test location early, well rested and in a relaxed and positive frame of mind
  • READ/LISTEN to the test directions carefully. Occasionally, the marks are not awarded evenly. Section A might carry 40% of the marks and Section B only 10%, so use your time wisely for maximum marks
  • Find a balance between speed and accuracy. Go too fast and you'll make errors. Go too slow and you'll answer fewer questions
  • If you can't answer a test question, avoid spending too long on it. Move onto the next question. However, don't leave a question too soon, if, with a couple more seconds, you could solve it
  • Resist the temptation to double check every answer until you're sure it's right. You'll waste valuable time if you do
  • If you aren't sure of your answer, write down your best estimate and move to the next question. Do avoid wild guessing however, because in some tests you'll lose marks if you give completely incorrect answers (i.e. it's obvious you just guessed)
  • Sometimes the aptitude test questions get more difficult as you move through the test, so don't panic if questions later on seem to take longer than earlier ones
  • If calculators are allowed, take your own with you, since you are familiar with how it works
  • The selection test may have some practice questions at the start. Make sure you understand these thoroughly before the test itself begins. If you don't, be sure to ask the administrator to explain it properly. They will.
  • Do some practice tests with Assessment Day or Psychometric Success.
  • In our view, practice is the key to success for many of these selection tests. It's perhaps our top test taking tip!
  • Extra Tip: Get a copy of our How To Land Your Dream Job book or copy and paste these Job Aptitude Test pages including the 10 test taking tips into a Word document and take it with you to the selection test as a reminder!

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