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Tips For Job Interview

As part of our tips for job interview preparation we talked about:

Here we cover interview nerves and interview body language.

Tips For Job Interview -- Nerves

It's normal to be nervous before a job interview. Even if they don't show it outwardly, everyone is.

The best way to reduce your nerves is to be well prepared for your job interview. This Guide is all about helping you prepare so it's a good start.

To help you further, here are 7 tips for job interview nerves:

  1. Be sure to get a good night's sleep before the interview. Eat dinner a little early and get to bed earlier than usual.
  2. Even if your interview isn't until the afternoon, eat breakfast -- you need your brain firing on all cylinders from the word go
  3. Eat lunch too (for pm interviews)
  4. But eat at least an hour before the job interview so you aren't still digesting your meal when it starts
  5. Try some breathing exercises to relax -- take a deep breath though the nose, hold for 2 seconds and release through the month. Repeat this a few times.
  6. Think happy thoughts while you wait for the interview -- this will give you a sense of well-being
  7. Keep things in perspective. Don't think of this as the only job interview out there. You'll have other interviews, even if it has been a while since you were asked for one. Don't let your nerves turn your thoughts into negative ones.
    If you get the job, fantastic! But if you don't land this position, remember that you will have more interviews and there are other jobs out there for you. Be patient and use each interview as an opportunity to hone your skills as an interviewee.

By following these tips for job interview and using a little positive thinking, you will be able to stop those pre-interview jitters and go into the interview calm, cool and collected -- this will increase the odds of you being hired for the job.

Tips For Job Interview -- Body Language

Having an understanding of body language is important -- you can then avoid mistakes which could cost you the job.

This isn't rocket science though and you shouldn't worry about your body language so much that you come across as unnatural. Your words will mean more than your body language.

But here are just a few tips for job interview body language that you may want to keep in mind:

  • Sit up straight. This lets you breathe better and keeps your shoulders from slumping (which makes you look bored).
  • Maintain good eye contact with your interviewer or interviewers, even if only one is asking the questions. They will appreciate this. Maintaining good eye contact also gives an impression of confidence and shows well developed social skills. It will also help you judge the interviewer/s reaction to your answers and allow you to react accordingly.
  • Smile. Make sure you smile, even if you're feeling nervous. It creates a friendly atmosphere.
  • Show you are listening. Let your interviewers know that you're listening to them by nodding and using appropriate facial expressions.
  • Don't cross your arms -- while this comes naturally to some, this can give a defensive appearance and as such should be avoided.

There's plenty more information on body language available out there, especially on the web. If you want to know more, go right ahead -- but please don't get overly concerned.

Any More Tips For Job Interview?

So far we've covered the different types of job interview and how to prepare.

Now for the best bit - tips for job interview questions and answers.

Tips For Job Interview

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