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14 Top Tips On Job Interview
To Beat Your Competition!

A moment ago we shared our first seven top tips on job interview. Here are seven more.

Another 7 Tips On Job Interview

  • Remain positive as you answer job interview questions. Avoid using negative language and don't say anything bad about your current employer, job or boss.

It's much better to talk instead about what you're looking forward to. You could say

"I genuinely enjoy my current role, but I'm keen to face new challenges and develop the skills I've learned",

or something else along those lines.

  • Follow up your job interview answers with examples. If you describe your abilities, skills or experience, follow them up with actual examples, showing how you used each.
  • Maintain eye contact with all interviewers when answering interview questions. Looking away at times is quite natural and ensures you don't stare, but do keep good eye contact.
  • Don't be afraid to refer to any notes you have made and taken with you when you're answering interview questions.

When asked a question, just say "Is it ok if I refer to the notes I've made?".

The interviewer will say 'Yes' and be impressed that you anticipated the question and prepared for it.

  • Take the initiative. If you wanted to talk about something but haven't been given the opportunity, don't be afraid to raise it yourself. Since this is your one shot at landing the job, don't waste the opportunity.

At the end of the interview, when you're invited to ask questions, simply say

"I was hoping to tell you about Z. Do you mind if I do, just for a few minutes?"

  • Make sure your answers are consistent. Interviewers ocassionally ask the same interview question twice, just differently, as a way of checking your story. Be aware of this.

If you think you've given a conflicting answer to a job interview question, put things right by saying

"can I go back to my earlier answer about... what I really meant was"..

  • Be mindful of talking TOO much. When you've answered an interview question, avoid the temptation to keep talking.

Ocassionally, interviewers use silence to see how candidates react. If you feel a little awkward or worried that you've not given a full answer, simply pass the baton back to your interviewer by saying "have I answered your question or would you like me to tell you more?"

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